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The pros and cons of using a press release distribution service

By Marjorie Comer

Press release services have their upsides and downsides.

Many companies want to see their news releases published on a newswire or a press release syndication site.


Axia Public Relations recommends clients only publish news releases on a newswire when they have a big announcement – or if they have a comprehensive budget to support the cost of a distribution service.


Your money is often better spent on direct, one-on-one pitching and building relationships with reporters. If you’re still interested in using press release syndication, check out these pros and cons.


  • You see news and coverage on multiple websites.
  • Some newsrooms (rarely) pick up press release syndication posts to publish a story as long as the content is newsworthy and valuable to readers and reporters.
  • Sometimes search engine optimization (SEO) is a benefit of a news release distribution.
  • If you’re making an international announcement, the service will translate your release.


  • News releases published through a distribution platform appear on multiple websites, and Google might penalize domains for having the exact same content on more than one website.
  • Due to Google’s ever-changing algorithms, there might be little to no SEO value in using a newswire service.
  • News releases published through press release syndication may only show up on a website for a short period of time before their direct links disappear.

Instead of using a distribution service, publish a news release to your company’s website in the news section, then repurpose the news release by sharing it socially and raising awareness.


Commercial newswires are great for billion-dollar brands, like Apple, Disney, and Tesla, who are making big announcements and who have dedicated beat writers focused on covering those specific brands. Distribution services are OK – better if you hire a PR firm to invest its time and your money in building authentic media relationships. If you’re still interested in using a distribution service, contact Axia today.


Did you know Axia can get better rates from distribution services than you can on your own? Download Axia’s complimentary e-book “Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment” to learn more ways a PR firm can save you money and increase your media coverage.

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