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StoryBrand BrandScript: Ends in Success

By Bre Chamley

Tell your consumers how your products or services will make their lives better


A happy group.Now that you’ve determined how your consumer can take action, you need to tell them why they should take action. 


List everything the consumer can experience using your product or service. Give them a vision to chase and let them know how easy their life can be with your product or service. Make it clear to them why they should choose you. 



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This is also a perfect time to let them know about their character transformation. Show them how they’ve changed for the better already throughout this process and how it will only improve once they buy the product or service. 


Graphic illustrating how the why of a CTA fits into the Storybrand plan.

The last way to seal the deal in a StoryBrand is to explain the failures consumers will have if they don’t follow through and buy your products or services. Read “StoryBrand BrandScript: Helps Them Avoid Failure,” to find out how to inform your consumers of this. Also, check out our strategy package, and bring StoryBrand BrandScript to your company to help convert more site visitors into not only customers, but fans.


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