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StoryBrand BrandScript: Helps Them Avoid Failure

By Bre Chamley

A green light.Similar to telling your consumer how your product or service will make them successful, you want to inform them what would happen if they didn’t purchase your product or service. 


You want to seal the deal by upping the stakes. Tell them the potential failures they could endure if they don’t purchase your product or service. 



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Mojo Media says: “Remind the [character] of what happens if they fail, if they don’t choose you as their guide. They will fail to solve their problems. They won’t grow or get what they want or worse, they’ll go backwards like losing money, wasting time, increasing stress, and feeling constantly overwhelmed.” 


To create a successful StoryBrand, you must evaluate your consumers and develop a character that represents them. From there, you have to guide this character (or your consumers) through a story. This “story” helps your character learn the importance of your products and services. By guiding them through a problem, you help them feel they have grown as a person using your products or services. Then, you must persuade them to act on this: Provide them with a plan and call them to act on that plan. To end, you must remind them how your products and services have improved their lives.


A graphic displaying how showing potential failure without your product in a Storybrand.

That’s how a StoryBrand BrandScript works! If this series interests you, be sure to check out our strategy package, and bring StoryBrand BrandScript to your company to help convert more site visitors into not only customers, but fans.


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