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How to optimize your company Facebook page: A complete SEO guide

By Axia Public Relations

A smartphone with Facebook on it.A strong social media presence is essential for companies to drive toward success. Social media is becoming the main ingredient to creating a successful marketing strategy. Companies move onto social media to gain their audience's attention, and among various social media channels, Facebook has become the most used social media platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users. 


Facebook remains a great way to reach your target audience for marketing your business. But did you know that, like Google, Facebook has a ranking algorithm? If your Facebook page is SEO-optimized with great content, you will gain more visibility.


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Why optimize your Facebook page?

Before knowing the ways to optimize your Facebook page, let’s see why Facebook page optimization is necessary to grow your business:

  • Optimization drives better results by showing audiences what your Facebook page tells about. When a user searches Facebook for keywords relevant to your business, your page displays up front. As a result, you gain more followers with huge engagement.

  • If your Facebook page is well optimized, people trust your brand. While buying something on an online store, we focus on their address and “About As” section to identify whether the brand is genuine or not. The same happens for Facebook pages.


Eight Engaging Ways To Enhance Facebook Business Page

Using Facebook in your SEO strategy remains an effective way to grow your audience. Using social media for your business improves your online marketing strategy.


Are you ready to know the techniques to optimize your Facebook SEO? Let’s get started with some Facebook SEO tips!


  1. Add Keywords

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If you are performing SEO for your website, you know the importance of keywords. The content with appropriate keywords remains a great factor in ranking your website. The same happens for Facebook pages.


If you want to optimize your company page on Facebook, prepare your content with the right keywords. Here are some essential places to focus on for making your Facebook page popular:

  • Headline
  • “About” section
  • Page URL
  • Description
  • Image & video captions

Use SEO tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs to analyze and find the right keywords. Experts recommend using long-tail keywords rather than short-tail to gain more engagement.


  1. Select A Perfect Name

Choose the right name for your Facebook page that suits your company. The page name is the top priority when optimizing your company’s page because it is the first thing a user sees on Facebook when they search for a service or product.


Facebook provides an option to change your page name after creating your company’s page. However, avoid using common names and common, attractive terms. Provide a name with a keyword to highlight your page on Facebook searches.


  1. Provide A Custom URL

The URL of your Facebook page is as important as your business page name. When you initially create a Facebook page, you get a randomly generated URL, which looks congested and does not say anything about your business. So, make it better by changing your URL.


Creating a short, keyword-rich URL boosts SEO for your page significantly. Change the URL to a name that is related to your business and easy to remember. Go to “Page Settings” and tap into “Page Info” to edit the URL. Remember, your URL has to be unique with at least five characters.


  1. Update Your Information

When a visitor lands on your Facebook page, they first go to the “About” section to see what services or products you provide. They also check your working time, reviews, business location and contact information to understand your company in detail.


Leaving these fields empty may harm the page optimization of your website. Moreover, search engines fetch information about a business everywhere, including Facebook pages. So, it is necessary to fill out your information in the “About” section. Never forget to include the keywords in your company description, which has a minimum of 255 characters.


  1. Create Backlinks To Your Page

A graphical representation of backlinks.


Backlinks, or inbound links, are an essential part of SEO. When you get a link for your website from other sites, it is called backlinks. Google starts to count the backlinks and considers it as a vote of confidence. Therefore, having more backlinks from relevant sites increases the chance of boosting your website rank on search results. The same principle applies to your Facebook page.


Whenever possible, create links from other sites pointing to your Facebook page to optimize your content. Some of the external sources to get a link include Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, various blogs, etc.


  1. Post Content Regularly

Develop a powerful Facebook content strategy to attract your target audiences. Create high-quality content and make visitors watch your content repeatedly. If your content looks more engaging, you will gain more Facebook shares and followers. However, only posting engaging content will not help you optimize your page. A consistent posting on your business page is necessary to grab your audience's attention.


Posting content anytime on Facebook will not reach your target audiences, either. Find the peak time of your audience availability and schedule the content at that time regularly to keep your audience engaged with your page.


  1. Include A Proper Call-To-Action

A person holding a megaphone while saying Call to Action!


Though a Facebook page is necessary to promote your business by gaining followers, including a proper CTA is necessary to boost the engagement rate for your website.


Providing a CTA button on Facebook encourages visitors to perform an important action on your business. For example, if you promote a free webinar on digital marketing, you can provide a sign-up option as the CTA to welcome registration through Facebook.


  1. Add Custom Tabs

Once you create your company page on Facebook, you will have some generic tabs that link photos, videos, groups, and community. If your business page has only a few tabs, your audience will find it difficult to know about your business in detail. For instance, if your Facebook page is about entertainment and people can’t find any videos, they will leave. To avoid this, create custom tabs to keep your audience on your page.


Facebook provides an option to either add or remove tabs according to your need. A recent update from Facebook allows you to select a template with default tabs to design your page. More custom tabs for your Facebook company page enhances the engagement rate, thus optimizing your Facebook SEO.


Wrapping Up

Facebook remains a powerful social media tool to reach target audiences and grow your business. Since the use of Facebook remains higher, optimizing your business page with proper SEO techniques is necessary to rank higher on search results. If you fail to optimize your Facebook page, your target audiences will no longer be able to find you.


Improve your Facebook presence by executing these SEO optimization tips and getting visibility to your company page. Invest your time on Facebook with SEO optimization techniques, and fuel your business toward success with great audience reach.


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