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Forbes: C-Suite says the digital transformation is here

By Jason Mudd

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June 2021 – How to Take Advantage of a Dynamic Shift in Business Strategy


A man creating digital content for a company.Some of the world’s best and brightest PR leaders are manning the helms at an incredible time as top regional and national companies move toward complete digital transformation. We’ll cover leveraging the power of web-based marketing like social media and investing in the digital tools your team needs now.





1. Forbes Study Places "Accelerating Digital Transformation" as Top Business Strategy Worldwide
2. What Snapchat's Push for Greater Influencer Power Could Mean for Your Company
3. 60-Second Close: Top PR Moves for the Rest of ‘21


1. Forbes: C-Suite says “Digital Transformation” and Content is No. 1 Worldwide Business Strategy

  • Chief experience officers (CXO – CEOs, chief financial officers, etc.) told Forbes digital transformation with a huge emphasis on creating content is their No. 1 strategy going forward.

  • The study found that digital-centric activities are seen as the No. 1 factor for driving future growth. 75% of CXOs said they’ll double current digital investments over the next few years.

  • COVID-19 has inadvertently helped many companies push towards greater flexibility, including hybrid workforces. Smarter PR agency and corporation communications teams are leveraging this experience as they push towards a digital transformation.

2. What Snapchat's Push For Greater Influencer Power Could Mean for Your Company

  • With almost 400 million Snapchat users worldwide, Snapchat is a social media platform that’s simply too big to ignore. The high user count allows creators to earn more money, which is why the platform is pushing hard to support and attract new influencers.

  • Leveraging the power of influencers in your brand strategy is a proven, effective method for attracting new users, especially younger demographics.

  • Engaging with top influencers can be accomplished through different strategies such as relationship development, sponsorships, and endorsements.

3. 60-Second Close: Top PR Moves for the Rest of ‘21

  • PR leaders are being tasked with preparing their teams for a digital transformation. Don’t know where to begin? Axia Public Relations has an entire team of results-driven professionals specifically for web services.

  • From social media publishing and community engagement to connecting your brand with influencers to help you attract specific segments, our team's insights translate into proven social media strategies for your company.

Want to develop your own holistic marketing strategy for 2022 and beyond? That’s exactly what we do. Just ask me how we can help.

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