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For better meetings and more creative ideas, serve pizza

By Bre Chamley

Pizza parties can lead to happier, more productive brainstorming and ideation sessions


(Note: Axia Public Relations can earn a commission for any purchases made from the Pizzatime link in this article)


A slice of pizza.We all love pizza! But did you know there’s more to pizza than its delicious, cheesy taste? Pizza can boost morale, which is helpful for team meetings and ideation.






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Pizza is full of carbs and cheese. We all have days where we crave a slice of that deep-dish, extra-cheesy pepperoni pizza or that thin-crust, crunchy supreme pizza with all the works. 


There’s more to pizza than just satisfying a craving. Carb-loaded foods, such as pizza, fuel your brain and cause you to produce serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that promotes happiness and optimism. This makes for happy and productive individuals, allowing for better brainstorming and ideation sessions!


When we learned this at a public relations agency conference, we immediately decided to put it to work.


One of the conference attendees recommended Pizzatime, a pizza delivery service for remote teams. The meeting organizer goes to the Pizzatime website and clicks “Start order.” You’ll have a list of different foods to pick from beyond pizza! Then you’re prompted to fill out some information about yourself. At the end, it asks the date and time of the pizza party and gives you a link to share with your colleagues. This link directs them to order a pizza. If you want, Pizzatime service will also set up a calendar event and invite your colleagues to it. There’s a one-time down payment of $69 that pays your delivery fees, and each pizza costs $25 per person.


We just used Pizzatime during our monthly employee activity. Having pizza was the icebreaker to our virtual event. To start off, everyone told what kind of pizza they got and where it came from. This made for a great conversation! One employee even got pizza from a place they’d never eaten at before, but other employees knew of it from TikTok. Then, once the conversation died down, we began our event. 


You can also add on team-building events to Pizzatime service, creating the ultimate team bonding experience. These events range from trivia, a virtual escape room, radio bingo, stand-up comedy, a DJ, group yoga, and a variety of minigames. The prices vary depending on the event.

Try out pizza at your next brainstorming session!

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