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What is a headline, and how do you make it effective?

Tips and tricks to writing an eye-catching headline


Even in Pulitzer prize-winning articles, the story’s content is the last thing read. Headlines are almost always the first thing that catches a reader’s eye. They are the hook, the reason a reader chooses to dive into a story rather than keep scrolling. This makes headlines possibly the most important — yet undervalued — aspect of any story.


When your company writes PR materials, blog posts, or articles submitted for publication, you should explore what makes an effective headline. 

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Six PR standards for using quotes in corporate communications and media relations

Although only a few words, correct quote attribution gives your story more clarity and credibility


So much of PR relies on effective communication, including quoting your executives, citing experts in the field, and crafting news releases. Getting the right quote is only half the battle. Once you know what you want to include, you need to make sure the attribution is correct. Without proper attribution, you can lose your audience’s trust.


Quote attribution can be tricky as each quote scenario adheres to unique rules. At Axia Public Relations, we follow the “Associated Press Stylebook’s” quote attribution policies. Be sure to check your own organization’s copy editing stylebook on quote attribution as some organizations have different guidelines. 

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Should we capitalize job titles?

When it comes to media relations and corporate communications, PR pros should follow AP Style


Anytime you communicate with a client or customer, you make an impression on behalf of your company. You want to represent professionalism and quality of content, and your written communications are simple ways to do that.


Spelling and grammar mistakes make your company look unprofessional, sloppy, and uninterested. If you don’t ensure all your written communications are error-free, it looks like your company didn’t put forth the time and effort to produce its very best work. Clear, consistent copy editing improves your company’s corporate communications.

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