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Brand influencers don’t influence most social media users

By Alexandra Sharp

Micro-influencers are more influential and more affordable, study finds.

A happy couple looking at a phone.Many businesses are quick to seek out brand influencers for their social media sites, thinking this is the best way to engage followers and grow interest in their products. But how effective are social media influencers? According to a new survey by Visual Objects, not very.




Of more than 500 social media users surveyed, 58% of users never intend to buy a product using an influencer code, even if that code is associated with deals and savings. Instead, users are more likely to engage with content and buy products that are promoted by an expert in that industry. These experts are also called micro-influencers, and despite having less than 50,000 followers, 55% of users are likely to follow them. 


In other words, consumers value influencers who have a niche speciality that relates to the industry rather than the content coming from a general famous person. Specialized experts include business leaders, health and wellness influencers, political leaders, athletes and celebrities, and lifestyle influencers.


If your company wishes to use a brand influencer, studies show micro-influencers are more successful because they are more engaged with their followers, are perceived as more authentic by their audience, and generally costs less.

Not only are users generally picky about who they follow, but they are also particular in the number of influencers they follow. More than half of all social media users (57%) follow only one to five influencers. This shows that companies  should carefully consider who they choose as their influencer because the influencer world is competitive.


That’s not to say your company should immediately reject the idea of hiring brand influencers. Rather, if your company wants to include a brand influencer in its marketing strategy, make sure your company chooses the right type of influencer for your company’s specific niche.


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