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Why does your company's website need an accessibility statement?

By Axia Public Relations

Search engines tend to reward sites with accessibility statements that make them more inclusive for people with disabilities


What is an accessibility statement?

An accessibility statement is a log detailing a company's commitment to making its website highly accessible to people with disabilities. It lists the firm's internal policies against discrimination and how they are successfully implemented.


A typical accessibility statement should contain a list of local laws and regulations your organization is committed to following. Other details include options to adjust the layout and design of the website, such as font and color, and so on.


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It is always essential to have the statement on top of the home page and update it when legislation changes. Remember, an accessibility statement is an opportunity to be inclusive of people with various needs.


Why does an accessibility statement matter?

An accessibility statement signals your willingness to comply with public policies such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, which mandates fair treatment by organizations and businesses toward people with disabilities.


The statement is a guide for a person with disabilities who has questions about navigating your site, contacting customer service, or browsing for products. If your accessibility statement can address these issues and more, you have provided a positive experience to your customers with disabilities, which will boost your business.


The most crucial function your accessibility statement can do for you is save you from time-consuming and costly legal disputes that might arise.


Does Google penalize a site for having an accessibility statement?

Google doesn't penalize accessibility statements, and on the contrary, evidence shows that it has SEO benefits. Improving the accessibility of a website means making metadata, content, and visual design better for search purposes.


People with disabilities face challenges with vision, hearing, and motor skills. Google determines a site's searchability by its basic accessibility features, primarily through its content. Hence, by implementing accessibility techniques, the probability of Google ranking you higher on its SERP increases.


Ready to create your accessibility statement? AccessiBe and UserWay will automatically scan your website and make it compliant by modifying the user interface and other design-related requirements and optimizing background processes for persons with disabilities. Learn more about how your accessibility statement can help your business with Axia Public Relations.


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