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What to do when your SEO ranking suddenly drops

By Axia Public Relations

Use these tips if you unexpectedly start ranking lower on search engine results pages. 


A chart.Search engines play a vital role in developing your brand. Your company experiences high growth when your rankings go up – more traffic, increased revenue, and higher brand awareness naturally come to you.


On the flip side, when your rankings drop, you are likely to experience a dip in both conversion and inquiries – something no B2B brand enjoys. If the latter part is bugging you lately, don’t panic. An abrupt drop in your website traffic can be remedied – investigate the issue to get things back on track.


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Here are some tips that can help you diagnose and fix your search engine performance.

  1. Start analyzing the basics

Before you jump to advanced analyzation strategies for the rank drop, begin at the ground level.


Check if your pages return the 200 status code, which indicates a successful HTTP request. Too many photos or videos can also impact the responsiveness of a page, leading to lower rankings. Also, if your changes require a 301 redirect, ensure you also update your XML sitemaps, links, and canonical tags.


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  1. Produce quality content

Your content’s quality can have a major impact on your rankings. While the value of your content is subjective, you can assess a few metrics, such as a user’s time on the page. If users are exiting the page without spending enough time to read the content, it indicates low engagement, which means you should rethink your quality.


  1. Monitor SEO

Even basic changes in the SEO elements can influence your search engine rankings. Check whether your title tags, meta descriptions, and headings are optimized. 


While being aware of your own measures, keep an eye on Google’s SEO algorithm changes. Even tiny tweaks can make a difference to your rankings.


It's essential to take necessary actions when your brand's SEO rankings drop. Reach out to Axia Public Relations for help taking your first step in increasing your SEO rankings. Book a no-obligation call today!


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