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What is the purpose of a blog?

By Nicole Cardenas

Blogs build brand loyalty and community engagement with your company


A woman typing on a laptop while sitting on a couch.Although it may seem like blogging has lost its relevance, it’s important to recognize the significance it still holds today. A blog serves the purpose of creating a relationship between a company and its audience. It can also provide knowledge on relevant topics, increase engagement and traffic to your website, and create a community. 




If done correctly, it can help create a thriving foundation for corresponding social media platforms. 



As a public relations agency, we use our blog to spread knowledge on how to navigate the PR world as public relations experts. Blogs provide users easily accessible information for people to learn new information about their industry without having to comb through the internet. Due to the specificity of blogs, many types of information can be found about a specific subject or topic. The internet is a huge network of information that can be daunting if you’re not familiar with the topic you’re researching.  


Engagement and Traffic

Company blogs should post relatable industry topics that people in your specific industry are eager to learn about. A company can be found more conveniently through social media platforms if there is an external link to a blog with more information on a given subject. Therefore, blogs help companies develop more traffic on their website.


A good blog can also lead to more engagement on a website. Once a post receives reviews and reads through search engines, it can significantly boost the company’s credibility and SEO. The more people who find your company credible, the more they’ll be inclined to do business with your company.



One of the most important parts of blogging is the community created for your audience. Once people become engaged with the blog’s content, they become loyal to the brand. Blogs create an opportunity to build audience loyalty and gain their trust for your company. 


A strong following for your company can help you succeed in your industry. It can set you apart from competitors and give your company a solid future. 


Creating a blog can benefit a company’s brand. Blogs provide people with quick, easy-to-access information that comes with the added support of an online community.


If you found these tips helpful and you've started your company blogging journey, learn how to measure your blogging efforts


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Nicole Cardenas is a fall intern at Axia Public Relations. She is currently studying public relations and event management at the University of Florida. Go Gators! 


Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

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