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What is a SERP?

By Axia Public Relations

Understanding how SERPs function will help you produce well-planned content and web design.


A woman searching for something on a search engine.Search engine results pages (SERPs) are web pages that display results for online queries submitted to search engines like Google. Organic search results, paid Google Ads results, featured snippets, knowledge graphs, and video results are commonly included on SERPs. While two SERPs can appear to be identical and contain many of the same effects, there are often important differences.





Different types of search queries

Navigational Queries — When someone is searching for a specific website but does not know the full URL, they use navigational queries.

Informational Queries — When someone wants to learn something, such as background data on a subject or how to execute a specific task, they use an informational query. Therefore, it's necessary to build meaningful content that caters to the target audience's desires, needs, and interests.

Transactional Queries — When users consider purchasing something, such as a specific product or an object from a broad category, they use transactional queries. Since transactional queries have the highest revenue potential, keywords for pay-per-click spots have a lot of bids.


Features of SERP

Nowadays, SERP is more physically diverse than it was in previous years and features more search results for individual queries. Each result can be classified into one of the following groups:

  • Knowledge graph: Panel or box, usually on the right-hand side, containing information from various source
  • Rich snippets: Extra graphics added to a result, such as stars in product reviews or images in news results
  • Universal Results: Individual results that occur alongside ordinary ones, such as image results, latest results, and featured snippets
  • Paid results: Purchased by placing a bid on specific keywords and may include a label indicating that they are advertisements

Final thoughts

To improve SERPs and produce a streamlined user experience, Google implements a variety of features. Axia Public Relations can enhance your web presence with top stories that rely solely on the production of high-quality, well-researched material. Reach out to us for a website consultation and kickstart your journey!


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