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Voice Commerce Sweeping the Marketing World

By Jason Mudd

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November 2021 – New MarTech Tools Reshaping the Consumer Experience


Several barrels of wine in Napa Valley.V-commerce is just one of the latest marketing technology (MarTech) tools mid-market and enterprise marketing leaders have to reach new audiences and deeply engage users. We’ll look at different ways to take advantage of the new technologies and strategies for integrating these in the years ahead. 





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  1. V-commerce is Transforming Napa Valley Wine Tasting
  2. Harvard Review Names Best MarTech Tools of 2021
  3. 60-Second Close: Using V-commerce, Podcasts, and More to Attract New Customers

1. V-commerce is Transforming Napa Valley Wine Tasting

  • Voice commerce (v-commerce) is telling your brand’s story and making purchases possible through voice assistants like Alexa. Forward-thinking Napa wineries are running with this concept and telling the story of each bottle of wine in a whole new way. 

  • Users can ask their voice assistants about a particular bottle and experience a pre-recorded virtual tasting narrated by a master winemaker. This lends an intimate experience culminating in the chance to learn more or purchase the product straight through the device. 

  • Immersive content in wine showcases how brands can utilize their subject matter experts to engage with users in a new way. Creative v-commerce strategies such as voice assistant-integrated podcasts and virtual classes are rewriting how, when, and where customers establish touchpoints with a brand.

2. Harvard Review Names Best MarTech Tools of 2021

  • According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, 70% of chief marketing officers (CMOs) are increasing their investment in marketing technology over the next few years. The best MarTech tools across industries center around customer relationship management, email, and web-based applications.

  • Utilizing the best new tools takes understanding the total experience of your customer and finding the right technology to produce the desired outcome. For example, using enhanced engagement strategies like v-commerce for better conversions. 

  • Break down your customer experience, examine the strategy for achieving objectives, and design the roadmap for how new technologies will be connected. This helps eliminate gaps in your marketing tactics and spot redundancies.

3. 60-Second Close: Using V-commerce, Podcasts, and More to Attract New Customers

  • Podcasting is not new to the marketing scene, but brands are transforming how users can experience the same content in a new way with v-commerce. Our PodcastValet service can help you earn podcast interviews that can be marketed cohesively across platforms.

  • Taking advantage of the best new tools in MarTech can help your team accelerate your efforts in the future. Whether it’s content-focused website design or valuable, relatable, and consistent content to attract and retain your audience, Axia Public Relations can help you get there. 

Need help spotting where these strategies can make the biggest impacts for your team? That’s exactly what we do. Ask me how we can help.

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