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The importance of SEO freshness factor

By Axia Public Relations
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Do you know about the freshness factor? 


It is an element of search engine algorithms that prefers web pages with fresh and updated content over outdated ones.


This is where website management triggers your online visibility. It informs search engines that you have new and relevant content for its users. When the bots index your web pages, Google rewards you with top rankings on the SERPs. 


There’s more to why you need an updated website with SEO-friendly content. Let’s discover what!



Maximum indexing boosts online visibility

Search engines keep scanning your site. Once you appear in search results, they start tracking your site for updates and fresh content. 


Updating your site regularly allows them to index your web pages more frequently and rank them on the SERPs. Constant indexing means higher online visibility.


Customers seek value in the content

Among 200 ranking factors that decide your Google ranking, user interaction tells Google whether people found your content relevant. 


Google tracks CTRs, traffic, dwell time, comments, and bounce rates on your site to check the relevance of your content. This shows the value your content provides to the audience. 


Fresh content drives visitor attention

Consistently adding blog posts to your website is a smart trick to attract potential visitors to your site. It allows you to rank for more keywords. 


Search queries range from generalized to specific searches. Creating content around specialized keywords can broaden your reach to a diverse audience. It doesn’t mean producing keyword-stuffed content. Rather, content that addresses a particular need. 


An updated website embraces authority

Regular updates and fresh content conveys a positive brand image to search engines and customers. Frequent indexing of your site establishes it as an authorized platform. 


Search engines show your website on the top of the SERPs when they find it regularly adding value to the content. People start trusting your company and turn into loyal clients and customers. 


If you find website management tricky, let Axia Public Relations do the job for you. Our experts bring excellence and smart strategy to the table for your company’s website. 


Give us a call at 888-PR-FIRM-8 to discuss your fresh content and result-driven blogging needs.


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