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Should you schedule your social media content?

By Becca McClure

Learn when to schedule content and when to post in real time

It's a great idea to schedule your social media content.

Scheduling social media content has many advantages:

  • Create consistency
  • Publish in multiple time zones
  • Publish on the weekends and holidays
  • Plan ahead

You can schedule content for your company using social media publishing software like Hubspot. There are factors you should consider when you schedule content in advance. Here are answers to some common questions about scheduling content.

How do I stay on topic and trend when I’m scheduling content?

Make sure you’re following your content calendar so you don’t miss important dates and holidays when scheduling your content. Daily research of what’s going on in your target markets is important. Set up notification emails and desktop and mobile alerts through Google Alerts, Twitter or media-monitoring software for topics and trends in the news that are relevant to your audience. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to weigh in and position your clients as industry experts.

How far in advance should I schedule content?

Schedule up to three months ahead. We recommend scheduling by quarter. This way, you don’t have to wake up at 3 a.m. to publish a Facebook post for your client in Hong Kong. Schedule too far ahead and your posts may lack relevance. And, if your client decides to terminate your agreement, you’ll have wasted time.

Does scheduling content hinder creativity?

It doesn’t have to. Scheduling your posts gives you the freedom and time to be creative and eliminates posts that may be subpar because you wrote them under pressure. If you’re creating content for December in October, play holiday music to help inspire you. If you’re creating content for another country in a different season, do your research! What’s the weather like there? Look at last year’s content and what was popular in the news then. Have fun with it, and make it a priority to be creative.

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