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SEO blunders that can hurt your SERP performance

By Axia Public Relations

Improve your website rankings by avoiding search engine optimization mistakes


A frustrated woman seeing some SEO mistakes.A sound approach to search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is critical to your marketing strategy. It can land you strong rankings, relevant search traffic, and improved conversion rates. 


However, SEO is a broad and constantly evolving concept that causes even the pros to make mistakes. Unfortunately, what you think is a trivial mistake can negatively impact your website’s position on the search engine results page (SERP). Here are some SEO blunders you should stay steer clear of.


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Common SEO Errors to Avoid

  • Including noindex tags 

You can use a noindex tag on robots.txt when you don’t want the search engine to index a certain webpage of your website. Marketers use it when they want to put some pages off of organic search. However, if you use it mistakenly on your webpage, no matter how much SEO effort you put in, search engines will not index it. 

  • Not making page accessible 

You should focus on creating all-inclusive content that accommodates every type of reader, such as vision-impaired people. Not including features like alt text causes indexability issues, hurting the overall website performance. 


Also, omit iframes from your site as it makes the content within it invisible to search engines. They hurt your load speed and lead to low-quality pages with minimal content. 

  • Slow loading pages

If your webpage takes more than two seconds to load, expect users to abandon your website and move to a competitor’s site. Ensure your loading speed is fast or your abandonment rate would signal search engines to not prioritize your site. 

  • Orphan pages

A webpage that has no link to it is called an orphan page. Since search engines can’t find them through links, they go unindexed and never show up in search results even when you include them in the XML sitemap.


By avoiding these SEO mistakes, you can improve your chances of landing high-quality traffic to your website. If dealing with the intricacies of SEO is unfamiliar territory for you, hire an SEO specialist. Axia Public Relations can help you refine your SEO strategies and enhance your rankings. Contact us today to improve your SERP performance. Book a no-obligation website consultation to get started. 


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