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Must-know WordPress SEO hacks

By Axia Public Relations

Rank your website higher on SERPs with these effective WordPress SEO hacks


A person writing someone on a Wordpress site.Search engine optimization (SEO) is an imperative tool to help your brand achieve effective outreach. It is important for websites to be SEO-friendly as it improves both online visibility and brand awareness. Needless to say, a robust online presence is likely to convert into improved brand recalls, ultimately shooting up your business revenues. 


If you must use WordPress, leveraging SEO on your WordPress website requires consistent and deliberate effort. If implemented correctly, it has the potential to drive organic traffic to your webpages and bring you a step closer to your target customer. 


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Let’s dive into some of the must-know WordPress SEO hacks to efficiently put you on a path of revenue generation!


Effective WordPress SEO Hacks for Your Website

  1. Ditch duplicate URLs: Granting access to only one version of your URLs tends to help the users and web crawlers redirect to the same webpage. This is crucial to avoid any possible competency between two sites with duplicate URLs. 
  2. Consider an SEO plugin: While WordPress makes sure to implement best practices for optimizing your webpages, embedding an SEO plugin boosts your outreach further. This also helps you set up the much-needed parameters ofcontrolling what Google sees on your site. 
  3. Choose concise permalinks: Long and extensive permalinks generated by WordPress usually don’t catch the attention of your search engines. 

Google prefers clean, crisp, and short permalinks with relevant keywords for better mapping. You must change to a post name permalink structure by altering your WordPress settings accordingly. 

  1. Include your focus keyword: Knowing what a search engine result page is helps you align your content better with the browser ranking. Including a focus keyword that is relevant to your content allows Google to rank it higher on the result page, providing improved traffic. 


Acting on these quick WordPress SEO hacks can be beneficial in building a firm digital image of your brand while attracting a genuine audience. After all, a website is only rewarding if it reaches your prospective customer at the right time. 

Get in touch with Axia Public Relations today to optimize your webpages in the most accurate manner. Our dedicated team will be happy to assist you from the start to the end of your process. Book a no-obligation consultation today to upgrade your website performance.

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