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Use media relations to elevate your company

By Axia Public Relations

10035807_sToo often, corporations set out on ambitious new projects or marketing campaigns without taking time to consider media relations.

That may be because the task of spreading the word through traditional publishing channels and media outlets takes too much time, and the performance of each media hit is hard to measure. What many business leaders don't realize is that this arm of communications is vital to long-term success.

Better than advertising

News articles that cover your company's products or services in a positive light lend credibility and clout to your company. Thanks to the Internet, these articles also have staying power, and they'll continue to tell your company's story for years to come.

Media relations offers you a way to position your company next to the top competitors in the industry. It also allows you to multiply the impact of successful marketing campaigns and reach broader audiences with information about what your company has to offer.

With a strong communications plan, you can grow your client base, reaching national and international consumers. You can develop a strong presence on websites, blogs, social media and the local community. You'll also be able to reach target markets in the most esteemed publications in your industry, including trade journals and popular magazines, as well as social media, radio and TV spots.

Managing your company's reputation

In addition to extended reach, media relations offers your company an invaluable safety net.

A PR firm will work to not only maintain your company's reputation, but also to improve that reputation through careful reputation management and, when needed, crisis communications. If questions or concerns arise about a particular event or a recall is issued on a new product, a PR firm can help you answer the demands of the public and news reporters to confront the problem.

The good news is that media relations does not have to be handled in-house. You can find talented media relations professionals through quality PR firms, letting experts in the field handle media relations for your business.

Understanding media relations

Although the results can be hard to quantify, there's substantial evidence that these types of communications are effective.

Media relations really does work. The value of distributing your messages through newspapers, online outlets and social media may seem difficult to understand, but a good PR firm will show you a considerable return on investment.

To select the right PR firm, you'll need to have a basic understanding of how media relations works. It may also help to prioritize the goals and outcomes you have for your business, so you can find a PR firm that delivers on your investment.

While communications is often the smallest arm of a business, media relations makes a measurable impact on a company's reputation, brand recognition and client base. Hiring a good PR firm could be the best move you make for your business.

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