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Killing 3 negative myths about PR

By Lisa Goldsberry

Don’t let a lack of understanding cause you to miss out on the benefits of public relations for your company

Misprepresentations of what PR is are abound.

Much of what people know about PR they base on misconceptions and the mistaken belief that PR is just a bunch of spin. When you separate myth from reality, you understand the actual value of PR and what it can do for your company.

Myths can be persistent, persuasive and potent. Breaking them down takes time. However, your company doesn’t have time. You must increase your market share and get a jump on the competition today. Getting rid of negative stereotypes and myths about PR will help you quickly move forward by taking advantage of all it has to offer.

Myth No. 1: Any news is good news.

There’s an old adage about media coverage that goes, “It doesn’t matter what they say about you as long as they spell your name correctly.” On the contrary, just one or two negative media stories can damage your reputation for years. Even worse, on the internet and social media, a damaging news article or review can live forever, sometimes gathering new strength as people share and repost it. Unfortunately, there’s no truth to the belief that a brief moment of name recognition outweighs any undesirable association.

While there are times when you can’t avoid negative news, your PR firm should strive to show your company only in a positive light. It’s easy to get media coverage for bad behavior because the media is eager to cover these types of stories. A better strategy is to work hard to tell your positive story and get wonderful media attention for doing extraordinary things.

Myth No. 2: PR is just for news conferences and news releases.

Movies and television shows often highlight press conferences as being the majority of PR work. Many people mistakenly believe that cranking out endless news releases and holding press conferences are the only things PR people do.

In reality, the field of PR is broad and continuously growing. You can use a PR agency to improve your reputation, create videos and podcasts, manage crises, boost your social media presence and establish your company as a thought-leader in your industry.

Myth No. 3: Anyone can do PR.

Because much of PR involves writing, many companies incorrectly imagine that anyone who can string two sentences together is qualified to do PR. The results are often poorly written news releases, uninspired content and puff pieces that do little to interest journalists or customers.

Only trained professionals who know what journalists are looking for, how to effectively communicate your messages and the best ways to engage your target audience should do PR.

You can trust the experts at Axia Public Relations to help your company put its best foot forward, enhancing your visibility and achieving measurable results. To learn more, contact us today or download our complimentary e-book “Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment.” Do you have questions about PR? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll reply to help separate fact from fiction.

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