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Is brevity the soul of a public relations campaign?

By Axia Public Relations

43580947_s.jpgAs the Bard once said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” But, is this the case when it comes to a public relations campaign? Of course a company wants to have its story told, but it must also be done in a time- and cost-effective way. So, our answer to the question posed is a resounding yes. Brevity is the soul of the PR campaign.

Now for the bad news: Creating a brief but engaging PR piece takes imagination and time. It is not usually something that business owners feel comfortable with or are compelled to do. Instead, they would like to concentrate on other business matters – ones closer to their hearts, like gaining new customers or improving the bottom line.

For this reason, it is often the best business decision to outsource the PR duties. Doing this, you save time and effort and develop a superior product. With that thought in mind, here are four questions business owners should ask when it comes to outsourcing their PR duties:

1. Does the PR firm understand my business? It is fundamental for anyone talking about a company to understand its product or service. In short, a PR firm must be knowledgeable about the company, its competitors and its clients.

2. What is the PR firm's reputation? Integral to rating a PR firm is knowing who its clients are. In addition, determine if the firm's agents are specialists in your industry and have intimate knowledge of its working.

3. Is the PR firm's philosophy in accord with yours? Admittedly, this is a difficult factor to assess. Still, read some of its news releases and see if the tone it sets is one that jibes with your corporate philosophy.

4. Will I find real value in the PR firm's work? Most companies will see excellent ROI with a superior PR strategy, but there is the occasional one that does not really need it – public utilities come to mind. At any rate, it is a decision that any competent business owner must consider.

For further information on the benefits of outsourcing your PR needs, download Axia Public Relations' guide Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment today. The professionals at Axia can help you create an engaging and effective PR campaign that will optimize your media coverage and your ROI.

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