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How To Use Emails for Effective Crisis Communication

By Bright Ewuru

A frustrated man in a crisis near a computer.Although business and life seem to be gradually returning to a state of sanity, at this time last year, there was the COVID-19 pandemic.


The coronavirus forced all businesses to take a second look at their crisis communications plans. Thus, here are five essential pointers on how businesses should use emails for effective crisis communications, whether the crisis is internal or external.


These hints are worth their weight in gold. Regardless of your industry, people pay attention to your actions, particularly in distraught times. And their reviews immensely impact your business.



1. Acknowledge the crisis in your email campaigns

The first step toward making optimal use of emails during a crisis is to show you are aware of the general situation. It’s a strong indicator that you are concerned about the public’s predicament.


Failing to do this might make consumers view your brand as desensitized to popular needs — a terrible reputation.


In the event of an internal crisis, such acknowledgment comes across as a gesture of respect.

2. Prioritize informing your audience

We strongly recommend brands turn to content marketing in their emails for effective crisis communications. Content marketing emphasizes relevant information as opposed to sales promotion.


Businesses can inform their audience about various safety measures, as well as their brand’s social responsibility efforts, during the crisis. Storytelling is super necessary for the optimal performance of this strategy since it provides much needed distractions from the current chaos.


This is an excellent way for brands to:

  • Remain in touch with their audience without seeming self-centered

  • Position themselves as a source of succor and happiness during trying times  

3. Clearly communicate the state of your business

During crises, your customers will be curious as to the state of your business. Utilize emails to let them know the status quo; transparency builds integrity.


Notify them on the following matters:

  • Whether your business will remain operative or closed during the crisis

  • If previous programs and offers will still be available

  • The status of your brand’s customer support operations, such as delivery and customer care channels

Communication demonstrates humans are behind your business and reflect your company’s respect and concern for your customers and team. 

4. Stay positive

High tension and worry are characteristics of crises. It is advisable to rebuild your email campaign to radiate empathy, hope, kindness, and unity. Your emails should not sport a tone that strikes fear. Refrain from using trigger words in the subject lines.


Additionally, maintain a fine balance between playfulness and thoughtfulness instead of utilizing excessive humor. Employ email designs and diction that portray positivity, warmth, and oneness.   

5. Reduce your emailing frequency

A crisis is not the best time to swamp your audience’s emails with daily campaigns or campaigns multiple times a week. It’s best to restrict email frequency to a maximum of twice a week.


People are anxious enough, and there’s a need to reduce information overload. Understandably, different pieces of content from other businesses will be calling for their attention, and a flooded inbox might worsen their panic.


However, if your business is concerned with the provision of essentials, regular emailing might be desirable to keep your audience informed.


At Axia Public Relations, we are a team of experts that can help you with your crisis communication efforts while taking your public relations ambitions up a notch. Download our e-book “Managing Public Relations in a Crisis” for professional advice. 


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