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How to create news for your company, when there's nothing happening

By Axia Public Relations

12669486_sCreate the news to get you noticed

Not every day is jam-packed with breaking news announcements. Product launches, news conferences and mergers are the bread and butter of media relations. Having news to share makes the job easier. So what do you do in the absence of news? You create it.

Developing news stories is difficult for business people to understand, but in media relations there are techniques that can and do keep your name in the public eye.

1. Construct studies for media relations.

Verizon's annual study on computer security breaches is a newsmaker, routinely reported in major publications such as Fortune and Industry Week. Compiling data obtained from more than 2100 data breaches and thousands of security incidents, Verizon created the "2015 Data Breach Investigations Report" that was compelling, factual and newsworthy.

Without a major product or service announcement, Verizon keeps itself in the public eye with a study that is current and well regarded. This is proactive, positive reputation management at work. Using readily available data is an affordable option for media relations.

2. Make the news with data.

News organizations love data because it creates the headlines for them, all at a very low price.

  • The Wall Street Journal created an article about the speed of recreational marathon runners from around the globe. Using statistics from RunRepeat.com, a website about running shoes, they determined that the United States, the U.K. and several Asian nations were in the top ten slowest countries. This is not news, but it's an interesting story that was created from existing data.
  • Integrated marketing firm Didit used data about top public relations firms to discover that 55 out of 96 top PR firms' websites were not mobile compatible, a sin for those claiming to be the top dogs in media relations. Now that Google penalizes websites that aren't mobile friendly, this was big news. It also showed that any integrated marketing firm worth its salt would be mobile optimized in the age of Google.

3. Create special events.

Special events are a boon for media relations. The Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS is a great example of creating an event that was hugely successful. It raised over $220 million dollars for ALS research and patients. The event was an immediate draw for celebrities, including LeBron James and Kermit the Frog.

Creating news and special events is an easy and affordable way to stay in the public eye. Media relations would be easier if there were always new products and services to announce, but in the absence of those gems, developing news stories and creating special events work wonders.

Axia Public Relations understands the type of news that journalists and popular media outlets want. They know how to position your business to receive the positive earned media that can improve your company's reputation and grow your brand. Download Axia's  e-book Learn Media Relations from the Media to find out how to produce the news that the media wants today.

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