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How to be a great podcast guest

By Jason Mudd

Preparation is necessary to be an excellent podcast guest.Many say podcasts are a fast-growing media platform to increase brand exposure. It’s an often-overlooked opportunity for a company’s experts and spokespersons to share insight and company information with faithful podcast listeners. Just like with any other media interview, there are ways that your company’s spokesperson can prepare to participate on a podcast and truly shine as a great podcast guest. 



Prepare your studio

outside of your door and consider locking the door as well.




Remember the BBC dad who had his adorable daughter walk in on his live interview? Don’t be that guy in your podcast or other interviews.



Before the interview

  • Consider a practice run to test your connections and to ensure you know how to call in to the podcast. 

  • Review our tips for radio interviews and consider keeping a few bullet points about your company’s key messages and any facts and statistics you plan to quote nearby to reference during the interview.

  • Use the restroom and have water available should you need it. 

  • Write the host’s name and podcast name on an index card and place it prominently, so you can reference it without fumbling; make sure you know the pronunciation of the host’s name.


  • Be sure to close all other applications running in the background of your computer, phone, and other devices.

  • Before you begin, silence all your notifications, including your phone and other devices, like your email and text message alerts. 

  • Respond to questions with more than one word by mirroring the host’s question back as part of the answer. By including part of the question within your answer, you help listeners who may have been distracted follow along with the conversation. 

  • Smile. Although listeners can’t see your face, they can often sense when you’re comfortable or anxious. Your audience can tell when you’re excited and happy to be participating. 

  • Mention resources available on your company’s website and mention your website at the beginning, middle, and end of the interview. 


  • At the end of the interview, thank the host and compliment the interview.

  • After the recording, mail a handwritten thank-you note to the show's host, producer, and other contacts you made during the experience, or, at the very least, send a thank-you email.

  • Prior to the episode airing, and when the episode goes live, do your best to co-promote it with the podcast show. Tag the podcast on social media, when and where appropriate. The more you share it, the better for you and for the show. 

  • Consider leaving the show a positive review on your preferred podcast platform.

After exploring these tips – and with a little rehearsing – you’ll be a great podcast guest. Participating in podcasts is an excellent way to promote your company and messages. More companies should leverage the benefits of earned media coverage and include podcasts as part of such programs. Podcasts are available on demand, and you can listen anywhere, including during your commute, while working out, and while doing chores. Sign up for our spokesperson training to assist you and your company in preparing for podcast interviews as well as other types of interviews. 


Don’t forget to review Axia Public Relation’s tips for being a great vodcast guest as well.

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