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How does media relations work?

By Axia Public Relations

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Marketing and advertising are powerful tools for any corporation, allowing business leaders to spread the word about valuable products and services to a broad audience. Without a public relations firm providing media relations, though, these marketing efforts may fall flat.

Media relations is an integral part of any business, allowing professionals to distribute company news and product updates through traditional news outlets and popular social media channels. Because of their role in the marketplace, these outlets are regarded as credible sources of information, earning the trust of consumers.

Sharing a company's news in the media does not happen automatically. Instead, it takes the time and talents of a devoted public relations staff. It's important to understand how media relations works.

From concept to execution

Media relations begins inside a corporation, when a company has an important update to share. Whether the news covers a cutting-edge new product, a change in structure or process or an exciting business expansion, someone has to distribute the news to the media.

A media relations firm will work with you to transform updates into appealing news stories that engage the public. Once the news is ready, PR professionals will select the best media outlets to distribute the information. The media relations firm will leverage their expertise and connections in the news industry to get the coverage.

Media relations works. The sheer amount of exposure media provides for a corporation will make your business top-of-mind for consumers. A carefully executed news feature can elevate a company's reputation, foster brand recognition and boost sales, making an impact on your bottom line.

If the news coming from your corporation is negative, involving a recall or a reduction in staff, it's even more important to have a media relations firm on your side.

Tools you can use

For successful media relations, you'll not only need a good media relations firm, but you'll also need a toolbox. A qualified PR firm can help you create a successful media kit.

Use these important tools:

  • News releases. News releases communicate the most important messages to the news media. News releases may even be published word for word.
  • Media advisories. Media advisories can be used to give a short update or advance notification to news outlets.
  • Media pitches. PR professionals help businesses craft pitches to the media, getting reporters on board to publish packages of information.
  • Editorial calendars. Editorial calendars can be updated frequently, keeping a business on schedule for news updates and delivering those updates to the public.
  • Media inquiries. Media inquiries are often directed to a company, but they can also be found on services like ProfNet and HARO. A PR professional will know how to facilitate and respond to these inquiries.
  • Relationship building. Relationships with the news media are developed through years of work. PR professionals leverage these relationships to yield earned media.

Are you ready to put a media relations firm to work for your company? Download Axia Public Relations' e-book Learn Media Relations from the Media today to learn how to get the media on your side through the help of a PR firm.

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