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Going Digital Pays Big Dividends for Household Brands

By Jason Mudd

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

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June 2022 – Utilize Digital Offerings to Upgrade Your PR Strategy


A pizza.

Corporate comms is more digital-centric than ever because that’s where the audience resides. From digital restaurants in the metaverse to custom podcasts with new product releases, savvy PR teams are reaching customers in bold and exciting new ways. We’ll show you some of the tools you can start using now to upgrade your own PR strategy moving forward.



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  1. Dominos Uses Stranger Things "Mind Powers" for In-app Purchases
  2. Mattress Firm Uses Sleep-Themed Podcasts to Get Better Zzz’s
  3. 60-Second Close: Today's Fast Forward Economy Requires Cutting-edge Relevance

1. Dominos Uses Stranger Things "Mind Powers" for In-app Purchases

  • Dominos is experimenting with some pretty out-there technology like facial recognition for ordering in their app. This technology is meant to pair up with the new Stranger Things season drop. 

  • The unconventional tactic, coupled with a brilliant brand association strategy tied to this wildly popular show, speaks directly to Dominos’ demographic. Cultivating a brand image of being young, relevant, fresh, and exciting takes bold strategy and out-of-the-box thinking.

  • At Axia Public Relations, we follow our creative mindset and use data-driven technology like our Insight℠ program to create real-time, actionable intelligence that regional and national companies need to maintain relevance.

2. Mattress Firm Uses Sleep-Themed Podcasts to Get Better Zzz's

  • Mattress Firm has started pumping out a host of sleep-related podcasts like short stories and sleep improvement techniques to marry with new product offerings.

  • Statista reports more than 6 out of 10 U.S. consumers over the age of 12 listen to podcasts. As audio medium grows, the connection brands can make with their product/service and user base is an incredibly powerful tool for growth.

  • Axia has embraced podcasting as an effective medium for years. In addition to libraries of our own in-house content, our PodcastValet℠ is specifically crafted to help your team earn top-tier podcast interviews and then strategically market them for the greatest impact.

3. 60-Second Close: Today's Fast Forward Economy Requires Cutting-edge Relevance

  • Knowing the drivers for your customers has never been more relevant to reaching people where they are today. Utilizing advanced digital tools, insights from big data, and other available intel can help you craft a completely reimagined corporate communications strategy moving forward.

  • Making connections between your product/service offering and another complementary communications medium can catapult your brand to the forefront of the conversation. Think about new ways you can reach your audience with relevant and authoritative content like podcasts, webinars, blogs, and more.  

Axia utilizes a wildly creative, yet data-driven, mindset as we create lead-converting strategies for our clients. Not sure where to start? Just ask me how we help create those unforgettable brand engagements that keep your customers wanting more.


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axia-jason-mudd-portraitClients love Jason’s passion, candor, and commitment as well as the team he has formed at Axia Public Relations. He's advised some of America’s most admired brands, including American Airlines, Dave & Buster’s, Hilton, HP, Pizza Hut, and Verizon. He is an Emmy Award-winning, accredited public relations practitioner, speaker, author, and entrepreneur and earned his certification in inbound marketing. He founded the PR firm in July 2002. Learn more about Jason.


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