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Big data provides big insights in public relations

By Jason Mudd

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

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May 2022 – Use Data Decisions for Your PR


A woman and a man on a date.

Today’s audience is more savvy than ever with myriad options at its fingertips to compare options. Strategic corporate communications teams are leveraging insights gained from big data to evolve their strategies and cut through the noise to reach their audience more effectively than ever.




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  1. Lessons from dating sites to use big data for massive insights
  2. How McDonald's uses spicy Szechuan sauce to boost its app
  3. 60-Second Close: It’s all about the data

1. Lessons from dating sites to use big data for massive insights

  • Tinder, Bumble, Match: Dating apps are among the most popular downloads online. But the way these organizations utilize big data to truly learn and tailor the individual experience and gain bigger followings is more worth noting. 

  • According to a recent story by Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, these dating apps are leveraging gleaned user data to make smarter matching decisions — increasing both the number of paired individuals and active users on their respective apps.

  • At Axia Public Relations, we take this approach every day by using advanced tools like our Insight℠ program, which uses datacentric models to create actionable intel for corporate communications teams.

2. How McDonald's uses spicy Szechuan sauce to boost its app

  • McDonald's isn't really known for groundbreaking recipes, but it recently released a limited-run Szechuan sauce that was only available through the app.

  • McDonald’s tremendously boosted its active app users with this digital “sauce drop” and garnered a huge amount of consumer-spending data simultaneously. Going digital with a physical product is what made this outside-the-box campaign so successful. 

  • Look for ways to combine the physical product or service your brand brings to the table with more digital outlets. The combined effect is proving to be a powerful one-two punch for regional and enterprise level PR strategies.

3. 60-Second Close: It’s all about the data

  • The know-your-customer approach from Marketing 101 class has never been more relevant or accessible with the use of big data. Utilize the insights you’re already gaining to make foundational leaps in the effectiveness of your communications.

  • Forward-thinking public relations and corporate communications teams are already putting the pieces together for blended digital and physical strategies. When you’re ready to get started, the team here at Axia is ready to help you get there faster than ever.  

Axia uses a data-driven approach to create lead-converting strategies your organization can start implementing immediately. Don't know where to start? Just ask me how we can help create those brand moments your customers will never forget.


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axia-jason-mudd-portraitClients love Jason’s passion, candor, and commitment as well as the team he has formed at Axia Public Relations. He's advised some of America’s most admired brands, including American Airlines, Dave & Buster’s, Hilton, HP, Pizza Hut, and Verizon. He is an Emmy Award-winning, accredited public relations practitioner, speaker, author, and entrepreneur and earned his certification in inbound marketing. He founded the PR firm in July 2002. Learn more about Jason.


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