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Gift Ideas For the PR Pro Who Travels

By Clarissa Schearer

12 essentials for traveling professionals and road warriors


A man standing at an airport, ready to travel.When working in the PR profession, it’s safe to say you’ll probably have to travel at some point in your career. All the items we recommend are highly rated, and if you use the links provided, we receive a small percentage of the sale. Here’s a list of items that are essential when working on the go: 






  1. Luggage Organizer

 A pink luggage organizer


It’s easy to lose stuff when you have a suitcase full of items, but with the OEE Luggage Organizer, that problem will be eliminated. With eight different sized packing cubes, a shoe bag, a toiletry bag, a makeup bag, and a drawstring bag, you’ll have everything you need to stay organized while traveling. Buy now.


Review: “Love love love! As I’m preparing for my trip to Morocco, these cubes help me keep everything organized. I even got a bonus drawstring bag for shoes, socks, or whatever I like. I love the way it rolls and snaps for easy storage. These cubes are functional, and they breathe, which is so important for long-distance travel.”


Price: $16.99


  1. Carry-On Suitcase


A black carry on suitcase


Perfect for short trips when you don’t have time to wait for luggage, this Travelpro Maxlite 5 carry-on suitcase will fit it all. Buy now.


Review: “I purchased this after reading ALL the Amazon reviews for carry-ons. This one always came out on top and had the best recommendations on the flight crew blogs. My husband is a pilot, and we travel A LOT! This bag is great quality and just the right size. You can cram a lot of gear in it without it getting busy or too heavy. The rollers are smooth, and it is easy to drag through the airport. I liked the black and added a colorful luggage strap so I don’t get it mixed up with other similar bags.”


Price: $117.46


  1. Travel-Size Backpack


A gray travel size backpack


Is a carry-on suitcase too big for your needs? Maybe a carry-on backpack is more your style. Our recommendation is the Dinictis 40L Carry-On Flight-Approved Travel Laptop Backpack. Buy now.


Review: “This is the first time I ordered a travel backpack for 10 days of international travel in Europe. When it arrived, it seemed to be a bit smaller than I expected. However, after you start stuffing this backpack with items, it definitely bulks up. This thing managed to fit around 3-4 changes of clothing along with a laptop, chargers, and other toiletries. There was room for smaller souvenirs. There’s also a nice pouch in the front where you can discreetly hold your cards/passport.”


Price: $45.99

  1. Battery Charging Case for Mobile Phone


A battery charging case for a mobile phone


A traveler’s worst nightmare is for his or her phone to go dead with no way to charge it. And sometimes, charging cords can get tangled and be hard to manage. That’s why we recommend this Battery Phone Case. No cords, no problem! And never worry about your phone dying at a bad time. Buy now.


Review: “It’s huge, it’s heavy, and it’s awesome. I’ve never even really been close to killing the charge on this big son of a gun. Uses the same charger as my iPhone, and it’s literally foolproof. The hardest part of this item was letting its initial charge [happen]. But it seems to get a full charge overnight and beats carrying a power bank.”


Price: $25.99


  1. Tech Organizer


An organizer for portable electronics.


Organizing clothes is just the start. If the PR pros in your life are traveling, their tech is coming with them. Phone and laptop charges with backups, a computer mouse, batteries, and flash drives can all be kept safe in this BAGSMART Electronic Organizer. Buy now.


Review: “This is a great organizer; it holds everything I need for my phone, tablet, and more. I was able to get some bulky things in too like a portable speaker, camera and camera charger, small keyboard, and other things. One of the zippered sides is deeper than the other to accommodate the bulkier things without the bag being too thick. I also like the different sizes on the little pockets that hold wires. It is well made, [and] has an outside pocket and strap. It should hold up quite well. Highly recommended.”


Price: $16.99

  1. Privacy Screen for Laptop


A privacy screen that can be placed on laptops


Your PR pro is likely to be getting work done in the airport, plane, or a public place like a coffee shop. Confidentiality is important, and he or she can get more privacy with this SightPro Laptop Privacy Screen. Buy now.


Review: “I bought the 14.1, 4:3 size, and it works great for my Microsoft Pro laptop. It does a great job of blacking out the screen from the side, better than I expected actually. Still works with my touch screen easily, easy to clean, and was easy to install.”


Price: $23.99

  1. Folding Travel Blanket


A blue folding travel blanket.


Flights are known to get a little chilly, and some people need a blanket for a much needed in-flight nap. The best solution is this Cabeau Fold ‘n Go Travel and Throw Blanket. It comes with a case that doubles as a pillow! Buy now.


Review: “This is one of the best travel blankets I have ever used! Compared to a Lands End flannel, I did a lot of research comparing products and picked this blanket for its comfort, durability, and affordability. I got the charcoal color, and it is a very rich color, much deeper than the photos. I washed the blanket as soon as I got it, and there were no frayed edges or issues. When I used it on the airplane, I was pleased with how warm it was. It’s not too long, so it won’t drag on the floor, and it zips up easily into a very compact carry case. I used it with my boyfriend, and it comfortably covered both of us. The only minor complaint would be that it is a little bit narrow but not enough to take away from a five star review. I absolutely LOVE this blanket, and I am so pleased with this purchase. It is definitely the best travel blanket for the price!!”


Price: $19.99

  1. Button Extenders


Button extenders for clothes.


When traveling, sometimes your waistline can kind of… expand. Instead of buying a new wardrobe, you can gift your PR pro these Comfy Clothiers 6 Pants Button Extenders. Buy now.


Review: “I love these extenders. They are made of sturdy plastic and work great. They give you just the right amount of extension. Some extenders are too long and make it hard to zip up your pants to the top. I have not had that problem with these. If you’re looking for a quick fix and want something you can easily put on and take off, these are the ones. They fit most buttons — some buttons take a little bit of maneuvering — but overall work really well. I recommend these over the twisted metal wire extenders, which don’t last at all, stretch, and don’t retract. These by far are the best option.”


Price: $7.95

  1. Travel Pillow


A travel pillow.


Every well-seasoned traveler needs a neck pillow, but it can be so hard to find the right one that properly supports your head. This BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow offers three ways to support the head, neck, and chin when traveling. Buy now.


Review: “We were heading out for a cross-world trip to Thailand from Las Vegas, NV (USA). I have NEVER been able to use a neck pillow as they were all either too flimsy or just pushed my head forward (5'11" guy). My wife and I were researching different things, and she found this. More expensive than some of the others, so of course I resisted, but she won. Glad she did! This was awesome! The way that this wrapped around your neck with a smaller/thinner design behind your neck and a larger/thicker area in front of your chin held my head upright perfectly throughout the whole trip. I slept 10 hours straight.”


Price: $29.97


  1. Touchscreen Gloves


Gloves for keeping warm that allow easy touchscreen usage.


If your traveler is going somewhere chilly, keeping his or her hands warm is a must. But how can your traveler access a touchscreen mobile phone without fabric getting in the way? The answer is this SIMARI Winter Gloves that are made for keeping hands warm while giving you the ability to properly use any touchscreen device. Buy now.


Review: “I like them! Cozy, fit good, and touchscreen works as expected!”


Price: $17.98

  1. Mobile Phone Stand


A black mobile phone stand.


Work back at home doesn’t stop when traveling. Conference calls are still happening while across the country or world. Make conference calls easier with this UGREEN Cell Phone Stand. They can conduct video calls while holding a steady phone, or they can use it to watch a movie or video while in flight. Buy now.


Review: “I really like this!! I bought two after seeing them on Instagram (TIBAL). I figured it couldn’t hurt and looked handy. I didn’t realize how much I would use them!! I keep one at my office and one at my house, and I’ll probably be buying more soon! These are so handy for recipes in the kitchen, videos while you’re getting ready, or just keeping your phone visible and accessible. I actually spend a lot less time on my phone at work since I can just prop this between my screens and have my notifications visible, so I’m not constantly picking up, opening and checking my phone, then getting distracted! This one was an easy and cheap win in my book!”


Price: $8.99

  1. Audible


An offer for audible plus.


PR pros on the go may not be able to read a book while driving, but audio books can keep them occupied for hours while they focus on the road. Consider getting your traveler an Audible subscription.


Price: $7.95/month


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Clarissa shares client messages across news, social, and web media. Clients love her work ethic and results-driven approach. Clarissa joined Axia in August 2019.


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