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Four SEO best practices for website photography

By Axia Public Relations

Boosting your online presence need not be long and tiring. Use these image optimization tips and increase your website’s SEO ranking.


Two people choosing which image to put on a website.We know that a website’s content plays a significant role in capturing user attention. Well-planned and search engine optimization-friendly content can generate value for your users and help you build your brand. However, your website’s images also matter. 






Using relevant, high-quality, and optimized imagery on your website can help you deliver a smooth user experience. It can also help you earn favors from search engines and improve your online visibility. To make your website visually appealing, here are a few photography best practices you should follow.

  1. Use relatable and high-quality pictures: To make your website more appealing and engaging, choose high-quality images that complement the content. Poor quality images refrain the reader from reading the entire content. 
  2. Use alt text and descriptions: Use your primary keywords as the alt text for images, and write a meta description as you would for website pages. This improves the search appearances. 
  3. Use a mix of infographics and images: Infographics are a great way to retain your audience and cater to their attention span. Using images can be a compelling call to action as you can use them to present your product or summarize the whole article.
  4. Pay attention to the URL structure of your images: Search engines use both URL and file names to understand your image data. It is wise to organize your image content and create logical URLs for improved search performance.

Image optimization is quite simple to execute, but professionals often confuse the right keywords and misplace them. If you’re in the same boat, the team of Axia Public Relations is here to help you! Get in touch with our SEO and inbound marketing specialists at 888-PR-FIRM-8 to create the best impression on your website and beyond. 


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