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Five SEO best practices for website page titles

By Axia Public Relations

Leverage the power of website page titles with effective SEO techniques to rank higher on search engines


The header of a website.Websites include an essential element that helps increase a user base multifold: page titles. A website title is the first thing a user reads and the algorithms behind the search engines analyze. A thoughtful page title has the potential to increase your website ranking over SERPs and broaden your clientele.





Optimizing page titles can significantly impact the reach of your brand. Search engines can recognize and identify the topic of your page through these titles. Thus, it is vital to implement best SEO practices for your web page titles to fully capitalize on them. Let’s look at some of them.


SEO best practices for compelling website page titles
  1. Keep your page titles short and concise. This enables search engines to display all the words in the search results. Longer words are often cut off in the display view, which omits important keywords. 
  2. Use long-tail keywords and their variations in the page titles.
  3. Include relevant keywords in your page titles to help Google highlight your services. However, stuffing keywords might have the opposite effect.
  4. Select page titles that are likely to match your customers’ queries. This allows your webpage to rank higher and increases your reader base.
  5. Add unique titles for your website’s pages to help increase click-through rates and contribute to your brand's reach.

Choosing the most relevant website page titles can help achieve significant impressions and allow your webpage to grow in its user base. Reach out for a no-obligation website consultation on how to make your web pages attract attention and trend on the Internet. You can also call us at 888-PR-FIRM-8 to discuss and plan your website and SEO campaigns.


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