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Five smart integrations to add to your website

By Axia Public Relations

To make a website prominent in SERPs, it is important to have useful website integrations that can improve visitors’ experiences


A happy couple viewing a webiste.You understand the importance of an online presence. You have created a website, and it has unique content and good quality pictures with important information about your company, but is it enough? Does a website require anything else apart from relevant content? Well, the answer is yes!





To make a website rank higher in Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you should include useful website integrations that can change the whole experience for the visitors. Website integration connects your website to other third-party apps, which can help share information, provide more features, and make your site easier to use.

Here's a list of some must-have website integrations:

  1. Live chat: This is a much-needed integration for any website. This feature leads to more engagement on your site and clears doubts about your brand instantly.
  2. Email service: Email marketing is one of the most successful ways to remind the visitor about your product regularly and generate leads. HubSpot and Mailchimp are two examples of email marketing software.
  3. Website analytics: This integration is used for tracking a website’s traffic and conversions. Through this software, you determine visitor demographics, time spent on pages, and etc. It provides all the necessary insights like SEO and marketing so you can improve accordingly. Google Analytics is a great software available.
  4. Shopping and payment: The primary purpose of a website is to sell products. If you’re an e-commerce company, integrating payment options will make your work easy. Shopify a software that lets the visitor buy products on the website, making it hassle-free. We use and recommend Foxy.
  5. Sharing options: The viewer found your article helpful and wants to share it, but there's no option for that. This will restrict the reach of your site. AddThis is a great widget that connects your site with various social media platforms.

Looking for better options to integrate apps to your website? Axia Public Relation’s team can help you choose the best third-party apps to scale your business operations. Get in touch with our specialists today. We provide a no-obligation website consultation to help you make an informed decision.


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