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Compelling copywriting hacks no one told you

By Axia Public Relations

What does it take to compel customers to buy your product? Perfect copy


A person typing on a computer.You must have come across websites that made you impulse-buy things you knew you didn’t really need. Did you find yourself wondering how this happened? The secret logic behind this phenomenon is as simple as copywriting. In this case, the writer struck just the right chord, zeroing in on your pain point and persuading you to buy the product.


Would you like to get your hands on these skills and scale your business? Here are some copywriting hacks to get you started. 


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4 simple copywriting principles to keep in mind

  1. Focus on the value you can provide.

If you want your readers to read straight through the complete copy, write for them. That means you can’t be taking up space ranting about yourself — e.g., we’re the best, we know it all. Instead, craft your sentences to focus on the reader and make them feel like they’re getting something directly from you: “This is how this service can help you; your business matters to us.”


  1. Leverage a good call to action.

It is vital to use CTAs to get your audience to take action and purchase your products or services. You need to know how, when, and how often to use them. You can’t just fill your entire copy block with CTAs; that shows that what you want most is to sell your service. Instead, use them intelligently to show that you’ve got something to offer your audience.


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  1. Write in a natural tone.

To make an impact on your readers, your writing should be natural and articulate. Write your copy so that it seems like you’re talking with them like a genuine personal acquaintance who is concerned about them on an individual level. Your words should be easy to read.


  1. Don’t sound desperate.

Everyone already knows you want your readers to take action and purchase your product or service. However, you should write with the intent to help them make a choice rather than to bully or force them. For example, you can include a CTA inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter to receive updates and include something like, “We hate spam as much as you do so we won’t be doing that,” so that your readers know that what they’re agreeing to will be relevant to their interests.


Copywriting is like a magic wand to reel in readers, and they end up making decisions that can impact you in many ways. To learn more about how compelling copy can help increase your ROI, connect with Axia Public Relations. We’re here to help you.


Book your no-obligation consultation to explore your options today. You can also call us at 888-PR-FIRM-8 to schedule your consultation. (See what we did there?)  ;)


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