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Can a PR firm guarantee sales?

By Marjorie Comer

2 reasons why you shouldn’t hire a PR firm that guarantees sales

PR are not miracle workers.

As a CEO, you know that sales are the lifeblood of a company. Using public relations to increase your company’s share of voice within the media is one way to improve your sales. However, if your company hires a PR firm based on its offer to guarantee sales, you're making a mistake for two reasons:

1. Code of ethics

Any PR organization that offers its clients a guarantee may be in violation of the Public Relations Society of America's code of ethics. PRSA’s code strongly discourages this behavior, and the PR firm you work with should uphold a high standard of integrity.

2. Media outlets

A PR firm can’t guarantee the performance, conduct, interview timeliness, article publication dates, content, or editorial decisions of any media outlet. As a PR firm that focuses on handling various PR services for its clients, Axia Public Relations doesn’t own any media outlets, nor do we have any control over media outlets and other third parties, including television, radio, print, web, and any other medium.

When your company hires us, we’ll create a PR plan that includes objectives detailed during introductory meetings and during the discovery period. We hold ourselves to those objectives when providing your company the services you hired us to provide.

As you seek to hire a PR firm that fits your company’s needs, it’s important to recognize that there are factors like business, economy, and third-party players that are outside of any PR professional's or firm's control – including expecting a guarantee of sales. Other factors your PR firm can’t control are products, services, prices, demands, markets, quality, competition, consumer behavior and preferences, media bias, and major events. When evaluating a firm, avoid making one of the 15 mistakes companies make when hiring a PR firm and you will get the most out of your PR firm’s efforts.

Once you find the firm that fits your needs, check out Axia Public Relations’ e-book Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment to optimize your media relations efforts and help increase your company’s sales.

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marjorie-comer-axia-pr.jpgClients love Marjorie’s work ethic, speed and diligence. She has worked with Axia Public Relations since October 2011. Marjorie graduated from Rockhurst University with a Bachelor of Arts in communication and loves to cheer for her hometown Kansas City Royals. Learn more about Marjorie.


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