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Best SEO Practices for Website Page Descriptions

By Axia Public Relations

A person typing on a computer.Many people think search engine optimization (SEO) is easy, but they forget the basics of optimizing a website. SEO is simple, but there are some ground rules you must follow to rank on top. 


According to sources, 57% of web traffic comes from Google, so optimizing your website page description is definitely worth it. Knowing the basics of SEO for website page descriptions can help you succeed if you have a limited understanding of the subject. 


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How to optimize website page descriptions?

Here are some tips to optimize your website page description. 

  1. Add the focus keyword early in the content

If you want to write a great blog post that reads and ranks well, use your focus keyword early in your content. 

Adding your primary keyword early in your website page description helps Google prioritize the terms that appear at the top of your webpage. If your keywords add weight to the content, your webpage will rank for that keyword. While adding specific keywords in the beginning is important, it is also necessary to avoid keyword stuffing. 

  1. Focus on categorizing the content effectively

Google loves readable content. If your website page description is well-divided into headings and subheadings and arranged in meta tags, Google adds it on the snippets feature. Your audience is the first ranking factor you’ll have to focus on, so make sure they can effortlessly read your content. 

  1. Optimize your content according to your location

Not all companies want to target an international audience. Let’s say you own a coffee shop; optimize its website content according to your physical location. If you’re an agency targeting national customers, your content should cater to them – the same applies to international consumers as well. How you optimize your website page description largely depends on your audience, so ensure you know your goals before writing the content.


Choosing the best SEO practices for your website page description can enhance the website’s visibility and audience traction. Axia Public Relation will assist you in every aspect of your website and help you reach your target audience in no time. We are specialists in providing result-driven SEO and blogging assistance. Get in touch with us or book an obligation-free website consultation today. 


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