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How diversity innovates in the PR industry

Diversity and inclusion leads to better ideas and innovation.


The shift to making your workforce more diverse has been increasingly prominent worldwide, and for good reason. Diversity brings new ideas to the table from those who have different perceptions of the public relations field. Innovation is the name of the game in PR. Creating a diverse and inclusive cast of PR professionals could help your organization tackle issues in a new and creative way.

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3 ways to make your company’s news newsworthy

To earn media coverage, your news must be interesting to more than just your internal audience.


There is a stark difference between news that is important to your company and its internal audience and news that is important to your company’s external audience. Your internal audience may include employees and shareholders, while your target external audience might be new and existing customers or clients, the general public, those in your industry, and niche enthusiasts. If you want to make your news “newsworthy” to external audiences, it’s critical to understand the difference between these two audiences. 

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