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How diversity innovates in the PR industry

By William Crockett

Diversity and inclusion leads to better ideas and innovation.


Women working.The shift to making your workforce more diverse has been increasingly prominent worldwide, and for good reason. Diversity brings new ideas to the table from those who have different perceptions of the public relations field. Innovation is the name of the game in PR. Creating a diverse and inclusive cast of PR professionals could help your organization tackle issues in a new and creative way.



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Why diverse perspectives are important

  • The U.S. is quickly becoming more diverse, and your audiences will be as well.
  •  Audiences can sense when a brand is not being represented authentically by those who understand and embody the brand.
  • A diverse team can act as a safety net for your organization to catch seemingly minor problems that could spiral into a crisis down the line. 

How Subaru innovated through inclusion

  • In the 1990s, Subaru became one of the first major brands in the U.S. to effectively acknowledge and represent its gay consumers before there was any positive representation of LGBTQ audiences.
  • Subaru discovered a sizeable portion of its consumers identified as gay or lesbian. Instead of ignoring this audience, as many organizations at the time did, Subaru targeted this core group of its consumers to great success.
  • Tim Bennett, Subaru’s director of advertising at the time, is gay. His authentic insight into the LGBTQ world helped enable Subaru to effectively represent gay and lesbian audiences when no other company would.

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Diverse organizations create unique ideas

  • Research suggests organizations that elevate and prioritize diversity experience higher rates of consistent and successful innovation.  
  • A team member from a different background who can provide a unique perspective enables your organization to see issues from an entirely different direction. 
  • Including outside perspectives from people who are native experts in their field or culture during your organization’s brainstorming sessions will lead to more authentic and stable ideas for your organization to move forward with.

The Takeaway: Innovation Through Diversity

The audiences your company serves are becoming increasingly diverse, and your team should represent that shift if you want to be on the cutting edge of exciting, innovative public relations. 


Ready to better relate to your diverse audience and seek out a diverse team of PR professionals from wide-ranging backgrounds? Our experienced team here at Axia Public Relations can help your company do just that. Just ask us how we can help.


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william crockettWilliam Crockett is an Axia Public Relations intern from the University of North Florida where he studies public relations and psychology. He has years of hands-on experience in the construction and automotive industries, as well as a strong background in digital design, market research, and public relations writing. He has previously managed the social media accounts for Club House Cages.


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