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Virginia Marion Bullard

Recent Posts:

COVID has changed the marketing and PR game, not eliminated it

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have decided their best course of action is to suspend their ad spending and limit their PR expenditures. This could wind up being a big mistake.

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Topics: crisis communications

Is it unethical for PR agencies to ghostwrite for their clients?

Ghostwriting is a commonplace practice in public relations and can be found everywhere, from your favorite books to the most notable speeches. But what exactly is ghostwriting?


It may be easier to start with what ghostwriting isn’t. Ghostwriting isn’t plagiarism. Plagiarism is the theft of original work with no attribution or permission given by the original author. Plagiarism is a one-route selfish and unethical act of theft, whereas ghostwriting drives down a two-way road of collaboration. 

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Topics: ethics

What are examples of earned media?

Earned media is the coverage your company gets without paying for it. This isn’t done through self-promotion or advertisements nor posting news releases on PR newswires.


Earned media shouldn’t be confused with paid media, which would be paying influencers or running social media ads. It is distinctly different from owned media as well, which is the attention your company’s website attracts.

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Topics: earned media, news media

How to handle Facebook haters

In most cases, Facebook can be a delightful asset to your company, generating goodwill between you and your customers or generating strong leads that allow the inbound marketing strategy to fall perfectly into place. However, at times, Facebook can breed negativity. 


When that happens, you don’t want to waste time being unprepared.

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Topics: crisis communications, social media

Three tips to crisis response when customers have been offended

Customer service is hard. Dealing with conflict and complaints is even harder. For many companies, this can be a make-it-or-break-it point. If you have poor relationships with customers and clients, it can even permanently tarnish a company’s reputation. To avoid that and strengthen customer relations along the way, here are three tips for responding to a crisis response when customers have been offended.

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Topics: crisis communications

The Inbound Marketing approach

How inbound marketing is best for your customers… and your company.


The Inbound marketing approach to doing business is based on building conversations and relationships with the people you want to attract the most. It allows you to talk with, not at, your most valuable audience. Most importantly, Inbound is a technique that meets your customers in their comfort zone and on their own terms and sites. 


People are always growing and changing, which means your company should be too. Inbound is about drawing customers to you, not spamming mailboxes with marketing materials. In today’s fast-paced world, you have to stand out from the crowd and offer something new, relevant, and personalized to get the attention you desire.


This is a better way of doing business.


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Topics: inbound marketing



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