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Are your PR and sales teams fighting again? Learn why and how you can put a stop to it

By Lisa Goldsberry

47739601_s.jpgLay the groundwork for improved connections to make both more effective

Some businesses believe that PR is PR, sales are sales and never the twain shall meet. However, companies that still harbor this sentiment are doing a disservice to their employees and their bottom line.

Historically, public relations and sales have always butted heads, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When the two groups maintain a close, transparent relationship, everyone wins.

Strong customer relationships built by PR help to drive sales.

To achieve long-term customer loyalty, you must maintain trust. The stronger the relationship, the longer the customer will continue to do business with you. Building relationships takes time, and it typically includes a smart communication strategy, which emphasizes benefits over features and the right vehicles to solicit customer feedback. When customers feel appreciated, the job of the sales manager becomes easier.

Promotion efforts by PR provide a boost to sales.

One of the most challenging aspects of sales is getting your foot in the door. Part of the problem is that prospects don’t know who you are. PR-produced promotional documents that are filled with information your customers actually want and are delivered in a timely manner to coincide with sales objectives help open doors. When you integrate branding into this content, it distinguishes you from the competition. In this way, when you make sales calls, prospective customers welcome your messages – and you close sales.

Earned media gained by PR improves the sales process.

With the changing sales cycle and customers entering and leaving it in unpredictable ways, it has become more difficult to control the buyer’s journey. Studies show that potential customers find three pieces of content on their own for every piece you create. Therefore, having earned media in the form of news coverage and other third-party sources not only acts as an outside endorsement for your company, it also serves as another touch point for the sales cycle.

PR research and measurement tools help to determine ideal customers for better lead generation.

PR is equipped with the survey tools and assessment techniques to get a grasp of your company’s ideal buyer persona. This saves both time and money by helping your sales team avoid wasted effort chasing down the wrong prospect who has no intention of making a purchase.

3 ways you can get your PR and sales operations working together

  1. Break down the walls.

When everyone is working in their own secret silo it increases the likelihood of duplicate efforts and misunderstanding. Get the teams together for open, honest dialogue.

  1. Create consistent communication channels.

When information is shared on a regular basis, everyone will be better able to see the big picture. Establish a system for a continuous flow of information.

  1. Hire a PR firm to help you.

When PR and sales teams are constantly at odds, bringing in an outside, unbiased voice could be the answer. You need someone to listen to all sides and develop a cohesive plan for a mutually supportive operation without personalities and past experiences getting in the way.

Let the professionals at Axia Public Relations help you build unity between your sales and marketing departments for increased productivity and profits. Contact us or download our e-book Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment to learn more.

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Lisa-G-Color-SM.jpgLisa Goldsberry is a blogger for Axia Public Relations with more than 15 years of public relations experience. She specializes in business and technology PR. Lisa has worked for Axia since December 2013. Learn more about Lisa Goldsberry. Connect with Axia on Twitter @axiapr or tell us what you think in the comments below.







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