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Are you using your press release distribution service correctly?

By Marjorie Comer

Like all things, a press release service can be used the wrong way.It’s important that the news your company puts out via a news distribution site is newsworthy so you get the maximum benefit from your investment. Some company news isn’t actually appropriate for a news release – it won’t interest journalists or your target audience. How can you tell which stories are worth telling? And when is the best time to announce your news to gain the most traction?

Quality wins over quantity

There are 10 elements of news that you should consider before you put out a news release. Don’t use a press release distribution service to inundate your audience with mediocre news. Too much news isn’t a good thing when it’s repetitive and uninteresting. Journalists won’t pay attention when it counts. Utilizing a distribution service once a month or even once a quarter is plenty.

Time it right

Axia Public Relations doesn’t recommend using a news release distribution service on Monday, Friday or right before or after a holiday. Think of how you feel at work just before the weekend or holiday – most likely you’re in a rush to complete your tasks and take off. Reporters are the same way. It’s likely they’ll bury your news until their return. It’s a waste of your money to use a distribution service at the wrong time.

Using a distribution service can be a quick way to get multiple media hits at once. While these look good on paper, news releases published through a wire may only show up on a website for a short period of time before their direct links disappear. Obtaining multiple hits at once shouldn’t be your focus when using a press release distribution service. You want journalists to pick up and report your news.

There’s a time and a place for using a press release distribution service to share your company’s news. Axia can help if you have a company announcement or want to discuss options for your press release distribution. We get exceptional rates that aren’t available to individuals and companies. Download our complimentary guide “Learn Media Relations From the Media” for more tips on increasing your media coverage today.

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marjorie-comer-axia-pr.jpgClients love Marjorie’s work ethic, speed and diligence. She has worked with Axia Public Relations since October 2011. Marjorie graduated from Rockhurst University with a Bachelor of Arts in communication and loves to cheer for her hometown Kansas City Royals. Learn more about Marjorie.


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