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The streak is over: After 63 months of zero employee turnover, two employees move on

By Jason Mudd

Two employees are heading off to new opportunities.It may seem strange for a company to announce employee turnover, yet after 63 months of zero employee turnover, our PR agency is celebrating.

We're very proud of this streak and simultaneously happy for these two individuals to find new homes with new employers and new opportunities that better fit their needs.

In 2014,  our friends at 3PHASE Business Advisors encouraged our company to adopt many of the best practices for organizational efficiency and fast growth – like encouraging our employees to work from home – that Traction/EOS, Six Sigma, and Lean teach, along with other authorities on business best practices. By working from home, our employees save money and experience higher productivity and greater general happiness. We started with an employee engagement score of 56 and earned a 94 in September 2018! Since July 2014, we've had an outstanding 95%* client retention rate and 100% employee retention rate. Now we're resetting the timer for another five years.

*When a client does leave us, 50% of the time, they ultimately come back to us ("boomerang clients").

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