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9 ways to amplify your earned media coverage

By Morgan Stark

How to recycle your media coverage to gain more visibility

79986974_sCongratulations! Your company received great media coverage. And now you’re left wondering, what next? Keep the momentum going with these nine suggestions.

  1. Use paid media to continue to promote your earned media.

A practical way to stay in the spotlight is using pay-per-click. Pay-per-click allows you to promote your media coverage so potential clients can see your company is reputable. Pay-per-click also permits your company to appear at the top of a Google search, gaining your company more visibility.

Another way to promote your earned media coverage is by using Facebook-sponsored posts. Facebook-sponsored posts are customizable and allow you to choose the date and time as well as who will see your posts.

  1. Post earned media to employee intranet and internal channels.

Share the good news with the whole company. This will motivate and encourage employees to keep striving for more media coverage. Commend your team on a job well done. Sharing the news will also remind employees of what the expectations are and what ideal media coverage looks like.

  1. Encourage employees and happy customers to comment on the earned media itself.

This tactic helps to keep the conversation going and draws more attention to the earned media. Additionally, customers’ positive comments validate the work your company does. Encouraging happy customers to comment serves as a reminder to them of why they chose to do business with your company – and fosters a continued relationship.

  1. Screenshot your media coverage as it shows up on search engines.

This serves as literal proof of how successful the earned media is. Post the screenshots on your website to show how the media coverage appeared on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Sharing media successes helps build an unofficial resume, showing potential clients why they should do business with you.

  1. Add memorable quotes to your website to highlight your credibility.

Memorable quotes from media coverage act as testimonials for your company, thus proving your credibility. They show website visitors you deserve their business.

  1. Display your media coverage in your company’s office where customers can see it.

Remind customers of your success by framing your media coverage and placing it in strategic areas around the office. It will give your clients and potential customers confidence in your company. This also boosts morale among employees.

  1. Leverage your media coverage to write more in-depth on the topic.

Now that you’ve gained credibility, use this opportunity to write a more in-depth blog post on that particular topic. Readers know you’re a credible source, so now they’re more likely to read another post by you. This also increases website views – and conversions.

  1. Share on social media.  

Share the media coverage on all your social media accounts. Tag relevant people in the post, which encourages them to retweet or share. If an online publication features your company, go to its Facebook page and share the article you’re featured in.

  1. Give the writer a shout-out as a thank-you.

Don’t forget to post and tag the journalist who wrote the story as a way of saying thank you. This really goes a long way. Give anyone else mentioned in your article a shout-out as well, thereby driving clicks, likes, and shares.

Take advantage of this moment because it won’t last long. Following these suggestions will help draw out every last bit of your earned media coverage. Download Axia Public Relations’ complimentary e-book “Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment” for more ways to get the most out of your PR investment.

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Morgan PictureMorgan Stark is a senior at the University of North Florida working toward a Bachelor of Science in public relations.


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