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5 tips for those new to working from home

By Axia Public Relations

Some tips for getting used to working from home.Thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, many people in the world find themselves working from home for the first time. While technological advances have made remote working easier and more accessible, it still proves challenging for people accustomed to working in an office environment.


The team at Axia Public Relations has been working remotely since 2014. We’ve found that it encourages employee wellness, work-life balance, and helps retain talent.


Nationally, about 4.6% of all workers work from home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Bureau data also shows that telecommuting nationwide has grown 115%. Still, working from home isn’t for everyone. Here are some tips to help you get through the day, especially if you’re struggling with that work-from-home life.


     1. Transition into and out of your workday. 

For some people, having a routine helps. Get dressed – or at least change into your work pajamas. Give yourself set working hours. Try to emulate your schedule at the office as much as you can (or want).


     2. Minimize distractions.

Clear the clutter, empty the dishwasher, and make the bed before your workday begins. Avoid looking at the news as a distraction. Allow yourself designated break times for news and social media checks. Use productivity apps to help you stay on track.


     3. Make a task list.

At Axia, we always create our to-do lists for the next day at the end of each workday, so we can organize and prioritize our projects and get started on them right away the next morning.


     4. Relocate.

If you’re able, change locations during the day. Simply moving from your home office to the kitchen table might energize you and bring new perspective. Certainly, work outside if you can. If you have a high table, counter, or ledge, consider using it as a standing desk for your laptop or tablet, so you can stretch those limbs while working.


     5. Stay in touch.

It’s easy to lose track of time – or even days – while practicing social distancing. Check in with coworkers and join group chats. If working remotely is new practice for your company, be sure you understand the communication expectations of your supervisors. 


Working from home can be a terrific opportunity to boost your productivity. It can also get lonely and affect your mental health. The key is maintaining balance. And practicing compassion – toward yourself, your loved ones, and your coworkers. 


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