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4 factors to consider when choosing a public relations company

By Axia Public Relations

16469929_sHow to choose the public relations company that is right for you.

Public relations companies are a beneficial part of your growing business. Almost every large company has one. And, while it may seem pretty easy, hiring the right PR firm can actually be extremely difficult. Not all public relations companies you come across are capable of doing the job that you need. So, it's good to have some helpful advice when you're deciding on the firm that is right for you. Here are a few tips that could aid in your decision in choosing a public relations company.

1.) Decide on your goals and measurable objectives.

Before you even look at public relations companies, come up with specific goals and a few measurable objectives you want to achieve with them. Then, when you begin looking for companies, you can reference your goals and see which company will be able to reach them.

2.) Think whether you'd like to go big or small.

Does size really make a difference? Does using a bigger public relations company only mean getting a bigger bill? Since large agencies have more clients, do they have lower service levels and care less about each client? And, on the other hand, are small agencies unable to provide high service levels because they don't have enough resources?
The truth is, size doesn't matter. Ability matters. Performance matters. Connections and relationships matter. Knowledge of your industry may matter. Experience matters. Dedication, loyalty and devotion matter.

3.) Look at what your competitors are doing.

Set up Google Alerts and monitor what your biggest competitors are doing, and then consider if it's what you should be doing too. Keep your competitors in mind when interviewing your potential PR firms and see if they mention them. This will help you determine if the PR firm truly did its homework on your market space to see what you're up against.

4.) Don't put too much weight on agency location.

While agency location may initially seem like one of the most important things, it's really not as important as you may think. Most corporations have embraced video conferencing and collaboration software and prefer hiring the best solutions provider over a provider that is local. With FedEx, WebEx and airplanes, distance is no longer an issue for public relations firms and their clients.

These tips will help you successfully choose the right public relations company for you and your business. If you would like more information on how to select a PR firm and obtain the most value for your money, download a copy of Axia Public Relation's e-book Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment today.

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