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3 reasons why media relations really work

By Axia Public Relations

33724801_sMedia relations is important to a company's PR strategy. If you don't tell your company's story, then someone else, who does not have your best interests at heart, will. It's critical for businesses to understand that media relations can be a highly effective method of reaching target audiences. Here are three other reasons that you should trust in the power of good media relations management:

1. Simply put, the credibility of earned media coverage is far superior to that of paid advertising. The implied impartiality of third-party sources – whether journalists or a quoted source – provides a powerful incentive to believe.

2. Similarly, social media sites deliver a crowd-sourced opinion that is particularly credible to the members of the site. Companies ignore this aspect of PR at their peril as the latest generations of consumers rely on this medium more than any others.

3. The ROI of media relations is outstanding. Gaining coverage in the news media is substantially less costly than advertising your company in the traditional manner, and the piece can easily go viral – for free! – as other news outlets pick up the story.

As you can see, the benefits of good media relations are significant, but only if a company avails itself of them. For further information on media relations and how it can really benefit your business, download Axia Public Relation's e-book Learn Media Relations from the MediaIn this guide, Axia offers advice on how to tell your company's story through earned positive media coverage.


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