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3 differences between marketing and public relations

By Yulia Dianova

How to benefit from marketing and PR strategies

Public Relations and marketing have their differences.

The terms “marketing” and “public relations” aren’t interchangeable. Defining what makes them different can help you create better-focused marketing and PR campaigns, with better objectives, goals and expected outcomes.

Here are three differences between marketing and public relations.

1. Function

The two industries have different functions. The function of public relations is to build favorable relationships with the organization’s key publics. Marketing is about promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

2. Target audiences

Marketing and PR strategies target different audiences. Marketing's target is the customer. Marketers work really hard to meet customers’ needs. In PR, audiences consist of a range of publics (customers, employees, suppliers, investors, media, etc.), who collectively support the organization's objectives.

3. Strategy success metrics

Both marketing and PR professionals measure the success of their campaigns after their implementation. However, marketing and public relations strategies use different metrics to measure their success. A successful marketing campaign would be one that met sales goals and resulted in profit and high ROI. Public relations pros define success through the mutually beneficial relationships they’ve built with key audiences.

Both marketing and public relations industries serve to achieve a company’s goals and fulfill its mission. Understanding the differences between the two helps companies craft their strategies, better aiming them at different target audiences with specific focus and results in mind. Savvy marketing and public relations professionals should integrate marketing and PR into their strategies to achieve organizational success.

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