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Strategies for standout social media

Public relations experts share their best social media tips and tricks

When used correctly, social media opens opportunities to network and grow for most companies. Social media experts offered their best practices, strategies and tips in order to help your company maximize its online presence.

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14 ways to save money with a PR firm

Every company wants to save money. However, no company ever grew from cutting its public relations efforts. There are smarter ways to save.

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5 ways to improve your PR pitch and build better media relationships

Building relationships with reporters and editors is key to helping your clients’ news releases become inspirations for news coverage. Sending news releases and making friendly, engaging follow-up contacts is a common-sense approach all PR people should know. However, it’s critical that you also build trust and respect with journalists to get your stories on the air, in print and online. Here are five tips that will help.

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Starbucks heads into the holidays with a steaming cup of crisis

Valuable PR lessons from Starbucks that you can apply to your own crisis management strategy

Starbucks is no stranger to controversy, and this week’s release of a new coffee cup that the industry titan hoped would celebrate community stirred up some more.

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So you received great media coverage. Now what?

How to remarket the results of a public relations campaign and maximize ROI

Gaining positive coverage is great news and certainly a morale boost in that someone thinks you are doing a good job. But why leave it there? Just because you had a story published does not mean everyone has had a chance to see it. The very nature of word-of-mouth is that it is viral; but to get the ball rolling, it is in your organization's interest to actively ensure your message resonates with as many people as possible.

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4 critical inbound marketing metrics

The best ways to measure your marketing efforts

Measuring your inbound marketing is the final part of a successful inbound marketing strategy. There are hundreds of inbound marketing metrics to choose from, including inbound links, Facebook likes, SEO ratings and blog subscribers. However, there are only four critical metrics you need to focus on to track your inbound marketing strategy progress.

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How to prepare for and efficiently handle a crisis

No need to dread if you plan ahead

While many crises are unpredictable, that’s no excuse not to plan ahead. We find that most companies are not prepared for a crisis; therefore, they don’t know how to react when one occurs.

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Brand journalism: Creating content that people want to read

5 ways to write and share content that focuses on your audience’s needs

Consumers’ attention spans are shorter than ever. Instead of pushing information onto the customers, you should focus on gaining their interest. Typical news releases are full of empty rhetoric; if you want to capture your audience’s attention, demonstrate your company’s excellence with compelling, true stories. Stop begging the media to publish your content and become the media.

Brand Journalism is a revolution in public relations and internal communications. Do not stand on the sidelines and watch your company’s content be ignored.

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How organizations use Facebook’s Safety Check

The new feature assists corporations, nonprofits and individuals during crises

In response to the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., Facebook activated its Safety Check feature. This marks the first activation in response to an incident in the United States.

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5 tips for managing crises in the age of instant gratification

Nowadays, it seems that everyone wants to know everything as soon as possible. This culture of instant gratification pervades everything from social media and internet gossip channels to the national news networks. It has even intruded upon the business environment.

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