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Why should you use Clubhouse for marketing?

By Axia Public Relations

Should you use Clubhouse for business-to-business or business-to-consumer marketing?


What is Clubhouse?


A woman browsing Clubhouse on her phone.Clubhouse has been making headlines since its launch for connecting everyone, irrespective of social status, together to talk about everything from books to corporate growth strategies.


Marketers are now leveraging this trending audio-only app to build their community, connect with listeners, and establish their own personal brands. So why should you as an entrepreneur or marketer use Clubhouse?


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Why should marketers use Clubhouse?

  1. The best reason to join Clubhouse is to connect with more people from your industry. It broadens perspectives and helps establish an understanding of the latest trends.

  2. Although gaining customers through Clubhouse may be difficult, sharing thoughts, experiences, and insights with others in the same industry can help your audience relate to your brand, thereby establishing your thought-leadership.

  3. Company owners and marketers can conduct virtual events and connect with potential customers. By arranging live conversations, customers can benefit from answers and insights about various curiosities and industries all at once.

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  1. Clubhouse connects entrepreneurs with others who may be able to act as mentors by providing challenges and inspiration. Beginners can thrive on advice from experts, and mentoring can benefit both parties. Clubhouse plays a major role in bridging the gap.

  2. When you connect with different people in the same industry on one platform, you get a chance to trade ideas in real-time conversations. You may come across people who can instantly build ideas for you, which can help your company grow.

  3. Clubhouse users can also connect with potential investors. At the outset, many companies are short on funds, and Clubhouse can connect them with potential investors.

So, what next? Download Clubhouse, find a friend who’s already on the app, and ask for an invite. Once you’re a member, join rooms, listen to conversations, ask questions, and establish your presence.


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