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Why PR firms should manage social media

By Maria Gimeno

PR and social media go hand-in-hand


A smartphone showing various social media platforms on it.One of the many services under the public relations umbrella is social media. It can be daunting to hand over your company social media channels to an outside agency, but building a company’s reputation through social media is an area of expertise for many PR pros.


Here are a few reasons why a PR firm should manage your company’s social media:



  • Experience: PR firms have substantial knowledge on how to keep an audience interested and engaged by using different strategies, such as enhancing a company’s online presence or collaborating with influencers. 

  • Create new connections: PR firms have an already extensive list of contacts for its clients without the use of social media, and it can build new relationships with contacts through social media.

  • Monitor the media: Although possible, media monitoring is a difficult job for one person to handle. PR firms, on the other hand, have numerous resources to get the job done. They can use these resources to monitor how often your company’s name is mentioned on social media and if there’s positive or negative reactions to recent news about your company. 

  • Know how to handle crises: Another specialty of some PR firms is crisis management. Crises can happen anywhere, and social media is no different. With how accessible social media has become, scandals and controversies can circulate quickly. Not only can a PR firm monitor a crisis through social media, but it can use social platforms to appropriately respond. 


Social media has become essential to public relations. Almost everyone has engaged in some form of social media in their life, and the same goes for companies. A company should have at least one social media platform it often uses to communicate with its audience. With the help of a PR firm, it can better grow its audience and reach more potential customers and clients.


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Maria Gimeno is beginning her public relations career and currently studying at the University of North Florida. Her determination and motivation sets her apart in her PR career. Maria began working with Axia in January 2021.


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