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Why bragging about prior news coverage doesn’t help you

By Lisa Goldsberry

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You have achieved that coveted, all-important national news story about your company. Congratulations, you have another article for your clippings file. Now, what else can you do you with it?

If you are like most companies, you’re not content to rest on your laurels. You want more. Many companies believe that if one major news outlet was interested enough to cover a story, others will be, also. However, pitching the same story to other reporters by bragging about those who have already covered it is a big no-no in the field of journalism.

The right ways to maximize positive news coverage

Journalists are not in the business of covering old news. That means it’s not a smart tactic to rationalize that they should write a story about you because someone else did it yesterday or last week. However, there are still some things you can do:

If there is a (legitimate) different angle that can be taken on the story, pitch that to another reporter. Don’t get sloppy, though: Journalists will frown upon attempts to create another angle when there really isnt one, and it will be obvious if that’s what you’ve done. For example, simply providing a different expert to quote the same information wont cut it.

Look for other, non-competing news outlets to pitch your “secondhand” story. Perhaps a blogger who covers the topic or a small, local paper won’t care that a larger outlet covered it first. These publications may be thrilled to be offered access to an expert that they couldn’t reach otherwise. Also, the fact that it was covered in a national publication or broadcast might lend an air of credibility and allow them to demonstrate that they, too, are on top of emerging trends.

Try trade journals in your field. This might even give the story new life, as they could be more willing to cover the issue in depth and with more technical information than a general publication.

Other ways to tactfully increase the “shelf life” of positive media coverage

  • Post the article or a link to it on your website, with permission. You can then direct people to it in your publicity and marketing documents and publications. This is the equivalent of an independent review touting your product or service.

  • Include quotes from the article in your email signature or as a new tagline.

  • For broadcast media coverage, be sure to create an audio or video clip of the piece and post it on your website. This kind of information is especially important on landing pages, where it can provide extra proof to the consumer that he or she has made the right decision in choosing to purchase your product.

  • Highlight the coverage in any of your online publications or on your blog.

  • Prominently display your positive news stories in your office space. Frame and hang them where they can be seen by clients, visitors and employees.

  • Use your social media platforms and connections to further spread the news in case anyone missed it.

  • Let PR handle it.

At Axia, attaining positive media coverage and distributing your message is one of the things we do best. News stories and increased name recognition can help move a potential lead through the sales cycle a little faster, and we can be a valuable partner in your success by making the most of every opportunity to do just that. Register today for our 60-Second Impact or give us a call to find out how getting more effective media coverage can help you achieve your goals.

Lisa Goldsberry is a writer for Axia Public Relations with more than 15 years of public relations experience. She specializes in business, higher education and technology PR. Connect with Axia Public Relations on Twitter at @axiapr.

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