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Whom should you trust to handle your press releases?

By Axia Public Relations

160519013 Writing a press release is a sensitive issue. Public relations departments play a key role in the process and want to say something on press release content. The subject matter should sound professional and intelligent, and any information about the business partners should maintain their image. Writing a press release is not child’s play, nor is it a one-day task; it can take dozens of drafts to come out with a good press release. When you want to issue a press release from your company to the world, who should write it?

Showing the world your press release requires the involvement of a public relations strategy at every step before the final version is prepared. Not every company will have trained public relations professionals to look after all the necessary details. Neither can you just assume that the PR person at your disposal is the best writer to do the job.

A press release acts as your company’s media conduit to the outside world. The person assigned the task should have complete knowledge about what he or she is doing.There are a number of plausible solutions to choose from:

  • A press release writing service

  • Technical writers

  • Professional journalists

  • Someone on staff who can write

Some companies use managers to write their press releases. However, these people don’t write as part of their normal job tasks. Some even have their techies write, and everyone from marketing managers to executives forget about basic things like spell-check. Just because “writing” isn't in the job title doesn't mean they don’t do it.

Another option is to hire a journalist who can moonlight writing press releases and marketing materials for the companies that don’t have staffers who write as part of their normal job responsibilities. A simple Internet search will find you a journalist who can deliver high-quality press releases at affordable prices. Many technical writers generate their income the same way.

Your best option is to engage a press release writing service that uses both professional journalists and technical writers as their writing staff. For a flat fee, professionals handle the responsibility of writing effective press releases.

As always, it’s important you don’t ignore key factors like content the press release should cover, periodical schedules, the type of followup on the release and what your partners will let you say to the general public.


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