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What PR pros need to know about internet downloads and cybersecurity awareness

By Bre Chamley

A concerned man on his computer.As marketing, PR, and communications professionals, you may need to download something from the internet, such as a how-to inbound marketing guide, a webinar, an image, or an app. 


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We are a trusted public relations advisor to cybersecurity companies and organzations seeking helpful expert guidance on corporate communication before, during, and after a cyber attack. To prevent such downloads from allowing hackers access to your computer and sensitive information, consider this:


The One Thing to Remember about Internet Downloads:

  1. Only download files from a verified, trusted source 

Downloading files from a unsecure or unverified source can expose your computer to viruses. To protect your personal and company information, make sure to use verified and trusted sources when downloading from the internet.


There are a few ways to help verify that you have a legitimate source. Check out the website’s “About” or “Contact” page. From there, you can get an idea if the site is trustworthy by looking for phone numbers, physical addresses, and news coverage. Also, pay attention to the site’s domain name. Generally, .edu or .gov sources are reliable, as well as some .org sites. However, files that end in .exe or .scr are more likely to be malicious and should be avoided. Lastly, do some research. If you aren’t sure if a source is legitimate, look it up. Once source will lead you to another, and by the end of your search, if you haven’t found the source to be legitimate, don’t use it.


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